Stop the hate speech!

A cybercriminal abusing mountain communities and their foreign guests, in Hunza, Pakistan. This website is intented to be an arkive of this, unseen before, radicalized behavior.

When you are facing harassment, the best and usual answer is: “do not feed the troll”. It is subject to the fact you are actually facing a troll. However, if your aggressor is a psychopath, silence will not help while the stalker will make everything to get your reputation being trashed thru defamation, calumnious denunciation & bullying. The toxic psychopath taking the control of your public image may result in potential legal and physical consequences for you.

You need to promote your own discourse, to counter the aggressor’s speech and to document the abuses you are facing. Last but not least, you need to make sure you 100% DESTROY the cybercriminal’s ability to lure people.

These are the objectives of this website.

Arkives of a cyber stalker

Recent stories

Rmala Aalam - Twitter Key figures as of 2020/05/29

Ms Rmala Aalam’s Twitter accounts, key figures as of 2020/05/29

The Twitter accounts @CopingWithCOVID (ID:#142457898) & @GruaAbuseArkive (ID: #3287184386) have been identified as violating Twitter rules for hate speech or impersonation according to reports received from this media moderation. One account has been suspended for an unusual long period according to Twitter standards. The purpose of this article is to keep and to present major data in order to document the activity of Ms Rmala Aalam, aka Ramla Akhtar, their owner, on Twitter as of May 29, 2020. The information was collected and organised by Bernard Grua who considers himself being stalked and defamed by the previously mentioned user.

NEXT> by Ramla, expertise review, practice versus theory

“NEXT> by Ramla” was an independent consulting firm belonging to a young Karachi university graduate, Ms Ramla Akhtar (naming herself, nowadays, Rmala Aalam). Here, we will review three presentations made by “NEXT by Ramla” regarding people social management for business, development of local communities and new Social Media advantages for these challenges. We will quote Ms Akhtar’s presentations according to the Creative Commons status their author granted to her papers. Then, we will expose what were the weaknesses of these models and why their author faced disillusions or incompatibility issues in trying to implement them for herself.

Ramla Akhtar's Social Media model-dismantled

How Ramla Akhtar’s stalking Social Media model collapsed?

A little bit more than ten years ago, Ms Ramla Akhtar was a naive inexperienced “global citizen” providing services, under her own consultancy firm,”NEXT>byRamla”. She introduced herself as a specialist in numerous spheres, including in the Social Media one. She is today a radicalized cyber-criminal stalking, defaming, fueling xenophobia, spreading calumnious denunciations and hate speech against a minority and foreign visitors. However, her campaign crashes against realities and against defenses she is not able to address. Four articles are exposing how wrong postulates and lack of updated expertise proved to be devastating for her malicious endeavor, for her personality and for her mental balance.

How is it possible to have your numerical reputation 100% under control, even when you face the most disturbing web attacks?

How is it possible to have your numerical reputation 100% under control, even when you face the most disturbing web attacks?

Over last year, I was under rabid attacks of a radicalized female cybercriminal from Pakistan, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam. Thousands of posts have been published against me on Facebook and Twitter using anonymous or impersonating profiles. Facebook has been extremely poorly cooperative. Twitter moderation was inefficient when not supporting these criminal activities. National and local police, Iinterpol, Nantes (my city) Mayor and Municipality, addressees of endless calumnious denunciations, never answered any of my requests in contradiction with their obligations according to French law. French justice and lawyers could not sanction a stalker acting from an international judicial loop-hole. Pakistani authorities did nothing.

How a heavy Social Media campaign based on Ms Ramla Akhtar's model missed it goals & had painful counter-effects?

How a heavy Social Media campaign based on Ms Ramla Akhtar’s model missed its goals & had painful counter-effects?

In 2008, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, a young graduated female from South Pakistan introduced her expertise on a public presentation « Wake Up on Social Media». There, she explained her strategy, while proposing consulting services from her “NEXT>by Ramla” consulting firm. Twelve years after, Ms Ramla Akhtar had the opportunity to implement, for herself, her Social Media strategy in the context of a crisis she is facing with a mountain minority. It did not work. The congenital defects of her theoretical model were not amended. Meanwhile, no update was brought to an already aged strategy, despite the fast technology and practices evolution.


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