Stop-cyberstalkers slideshows:
Stories about a cyber-criminal abusing mountain people and their foreign visitors, from Husseini, Gojal, under her Betterbonds shop manager cover.
How Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam attacks a French citizen from her Pakistani judiciary loophole.
Pamir Serai guesthouse, one the main local target of Ms Ramla Akhtar.
Stories of peaceful mountain people under Ms Ramla Akhtar’s hate speech.
Black Mountain, the place where hides the cybercriminal.
Chapursan Valley, the main community suffering of Ms Rmala Aalam’s retaliation campaign.

Stories from a cyber criminal abusing mountain communities & foreign guests in Hunza, Pakistan

These are stories of a toxic female social media user, from Pakistani lowlands who wants to promote distress and hatred in the Upper Hunza Valley. These malicious stalker abuses of the ethnic and religious minorities of the mountain and attacks merciless foreign visitors.

Bernard Grua, French photographer & travel blogger, under attacks of a Pakistani female cyberstalker

Between September 18, 2019, and February 14, 2020, a female Pakistani Twitter user sent 1,001 Tweets against Bernard Grua, mixing stalking, defamation, hate speech, xenophobia, religious fanatism and calumnious denunciations. Identity theft & impersonation are added to these crimes. The name of the victim was stolen by his tormentor for her Twitter ID, Twitter name & Twitter bio. Last but not least, Bernard Grua’s profile picture was also stolen for the stalker Twitter banner. Twitter refuses to take any sanctions. Until now, French justice & Police could not launch any action in Pakistan.

The cybercriminal scandalously obtained Youtube to remove the first slideshow. She invoked privacy! The flood of calumnies is made public, it is not only private stalking. These are crimes to be denounced. It is the reason for this second slideshow. UPDATE: On February 17, 2020, the cybercriminal account was suspended by Twitter. See Bernard Grua’s articles about northen Pakistan: High Asia, stories of the Karakoram. See Bernard Grua’s pictures taken in northern Pakistan.

High Asia, Karakoram stories by Bernard Grua

Read the 14 stories on high valleys 🏞and mountains⛰ at the borders of Pakistan 🇵🇰, Afghanistan and China 🇨🇳, where old empires met and where giant ranges of #Karakorum, #Pamir, #HinduKush. Find them on: High Asia, stories of the Karakoram.

Karakoram Range and the Black Mountain giants by Bernard Grua

Karakoram, Hindu Kush & Pamir summits from Rakaposhi peak to Kunjerab Pass accross #Hunza Valley and #Chapursan Valley. Read The Great Game: Anglo-Russian encounter at the borders of Pamir, Hindu Kush and Karakoram

Chapursan (Chipursan, Chipurson) to ZoodKhun (ZuwudKhoon)

Chapursan is a high valley in northen Pakistan at Chinese and Afghan borders. It is situated between #Karakoram, #Pamir & #HinduKush ranges. The last village, Zood Khun (3 300 m) leads to Irshad Pass to connect to Afghan Wakhan. Wakhi homestay is provided at Pamir Searai, the guesthouse of Alam Jan Dario family. Read: At the knot of past empires: Zoodkhun, a Wakhi village in the high northern mountains of Pakistan

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