Why Pakistani Ramla Akhtar rejected the generous offer she got for stopping the unsucessfull campaign ruining her life?

The hatred on-line campaign started, two years and a half ago, by the Pakistani Ramla Akhtar reached none of its goal. Though she tried all that she could, and dedicated most of her days and nights to this endeavour, she was unable to find a method for breaking the prophylactic lockdown built around her. It is obvious Ms Ramla Akhtar persistently overestimated her capacity of nuisance, despite her impressive outstanding efforts in that direction.
The sanctions she originated and the repeated failure of her attempts have an inflating destructive impact on her life, on her image, on her credentials, on her self-confidence and on her mental health. Except for a deeply rooted suicidal addiction and for the need to embed extra victims in her end, there is no explanation about why Ms Ramla Akhtar rejected the generous offer of August 2021, which could have made possible for her to honorably close this case and to come back to the normal real life.

Ramla’s Projects in Hunza, assessment of social responsibility, transparency, trustability, expertise

Ramla Akhtar on Ramla’s Projects website :
“We have two broad projects areas (themes):
• Education —by which we mean know-how, self-development, practical skills
• Subsistence—what keeps us up and alive: nutrition, health and vitality, appropriate technology, community
A third area of projects is reconsidering and re-evaluating everything. It can be called Continuous Improvement, Feedback and Revision, Code Rewriting, or some such thing(s).”
Let’s assess how these values have been implemented in Hunza Valley.

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