Ramla Akhtar: “if you didn’t see anything it doesn’t mean that did not happen.”

Since more than one year and half Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, a radicalized Sunni woman from Karachi is promoting a hate speech and calumnious denunciation campaign against the North Pakistan mountain Wakhi minority and against its foreign visitors. This stalker has never been able to produce any evidence of her accusations. It does not refrain her pretending that her unsupported allegations did not receive the attention they, according to her, deserve

Fake news: radicalized Pakistani stalker, Ramla Akhtar, pretends her main victim was misguided about her criminal use of Social Media

Ramla Akhtar, a radicalized stalker from Karachi, pretends the French man Bernard Grua would blame a Pakistani lady and a Pakistani gentleman for misguiding him about her bullying case. None of this makes sense as we will expose.

Deadly stubbornness on Twitter, a stalker’s scuttling

“Ramla Akhtar: discover the strength of your Twitter account while facing a cyberstalker” was published on August 27, 2020. The document presented below is a quick update of this previous article. It shows that the twitter account of a victim can prove to be resilient and performing well while facing a rabid and psychopathic hatred campaign promoted by a cyber-criminal committing her, at least numerical, suicide.

Cyber-délinquante pakistanaise, Ramla Akhtar: nouvelle demande d’aide et de protection à la municipalité de Nantes, 23 octobre 2020

Monsieur Bassem Asseh, premier adjoint au maire de Nantes, et Madame Aicha Bassal, adjointe personnel et relation sociale ont été destinataires, ces derniers jours, de tweets de dénonciation calomnieuse envoyés par la radicalisée pakistanaise, Ramla Akhtar. Cet article reprend le fil twitter des publications qui ont été adressées à ces deux adjoints par Bernard Grua.

When a Pakistani radicalized stalker visits the cyber-crime office of the Federal Investigation Agency

While resisting to bullying, there are some opportunities to not miss when you are facing endless calumnious denunciations, harassment and defamation. This is what Ramla Akhtar, a rabid stalker, offered while tweeting she visited a cyber crime office.

Ramla Akhtar & Olga Leonidovna Ozerova: the main milestones of an international cyberstalker’s case

Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, is a radicalized Sunni cyberstalker from Karachi living northern Pakistan. There, with her partner Olga Leonidovna Ozerova (Russian Extreme Travels), she promotes sectarian fanatism, racism, discrimination and violence against the ethnic and religious Wakhi minority. She also targets its foreign visitors via defamation, harassment and calumnious denunciations. This document presents the main milestones of the procedure handled from France by Bernard Grua, one of her victims.

Discover the strength of your Twitter account while facing a cyberstalker.

The unstoppable enormous amount of defamation, calumnious denunciations, call for violences, etc. a psychopathic rabid cyberstalker is able to produce on social media creates numerous damages in the life of any targeted regular citizen. However, volume, repeated propaganda and perversion are not the only keys of success on Twitter. Don’t give up. If you focus on quality and relevance, you may have some fundamental strengths which could make your position more comfortable than you believe.

Debunking the Twitter indicators of a cyberstalker’s account

Intoxication, provocation and bluff about their audience are an integral part of the cyberstalker methods. The goal is to enforce a strong mental pressure to create isolation, distress, isolation and suicidal impulses for their victims. It is of importance to analyse the data with cold blood. While the picture can be less or even not dramatic. Moreover, this analysis, while assessing risks and opportunities, can become an integral part of the approach intended to trash the malevolent Twitter user. Here again, the locally famous cyberstalker of Upper Hunza, Pakistan, Ms Ramla Akhtar offers us some useful keys.

Why an enraged Twitter bully is committing his own numerical suicide?

Twitter is likely the “best” media for psychopaths. Being a victim of such enraged assaulters can cause physical harms and deep psychological distress. However, its possible to build an efficient counter-offensive. Indeed, Twitter cannibalises its addicts by capturing them in an always inflating spiral of outrages. Disconnected from the real world, the criminal user creates the material for his own numerical suicide. We will, here, review the case of a famous Pakistani radicalised cyberstalker, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.

QAnon. Is Ramla Akhtar becoming the Cecilia Fullbright of Hunza Valley, Pakistan?

There are troubling similarities between Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, practises and the ones of the believers of QAnon, a US far right white supremacist pro Trump movement. The Texan Cecilia Fullbright’s case finds its mirror into Akhtar’s delirious social media flood and into her criminal actions.

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