Harcèlement et discours de haine en ligne: procédure contre Mme Ramla Akhtar cyber-délinquante pakistanaise

Les Etats occidentaux se trouvent démunis face au discours de haine en ligne tenus par des ressortissants de pays situés en zone grise du droit international. Leurs autorités y sont indifférentes, voire sont les premières à y recourir, quand elles ne les encouragent pas. Ainsi, la cyber-harceleuse pakistanaise Ramla Akhta jouit d’une impunité complète.

Why Pakistani cyberstalker Ramla Akhtar does flee the regular course of justice?

There is large bunch of good reasons explaining why Ramla Akhtar the cyberstalker will never file a complaint with Pakistani judicial authorities despite her frequent allegations that she would -very-soon- proceed accordingly. Her repeated invocations should better be understood as a despicable, and largely debunked, mean of pressure against her victims. It is also a rhetoric sophism for deceiving an audience which, actually, left long time ago.

Why Pakistani Ramla Akhtar should have used the generous offer she got to stop the unsucessfull campaign ruining her life?

The hatred on-line campaign started, two years and a half ago, by the Pakistani Ramla Akhtar reached none of its goal. Though she tried all that she could, and dedicated most of her days and nights to this endeavour, she was unable to find a method for breaking the prophylactic lockdown built around her. It is obvious Ms Ramla Akhtar persistently overestimated her capacity of nuisance, despite her impressive outstanding efforts in that direction.
The sanctions she originated and the repeated failure of her attempts have an inflating destructive impact on her life, on her image, on her credentials, on her self-confidence and on her mental health. Except for a deeply rooted suicidal addiction and for the need to embed extra victims in her end, there is no explanation about why Ms Ramla Akhtar rejected the generous offer of August 2021, which could have made possible for her to honorably close this case and to come back to the normal real life.

Cyber-délinquante pakistanaise, Ramla Akhtar: offre d’accord (rejetée) lui assurant impunité et sérénité, 27 août 2021

Le 27 août 2021, une proposition généreuse est adressée à la Pakistanaise Ramla Akhtar afin de lui assurer une complète impunité et une totale sérénité, sans pour autant lui faire perdre son droit à la justice, dans l’affaire de cyberharcèlement qui l’oppose au Français Bernard Grua. Madame Ramla Akhtar demande une période de réflexion et de probation…

How Pakistani Ramla Akhtar rejected a generous appeasement proposition for terminating her cyberstalking case?

A complaint to Nantes (France) High Court prosecutor and a complaint to Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency cybercrime wing have been filed against Ms Ramla Akhtar cyberstalking the French citizen Bernard Grua. She, nevertheless, rejected two formal notices demanding her to stop this on-line bullying campaign. As a consequence, she is facing reciprocity sanctions that she frequently mentions as damaging her life and her mental health. For unknown reasons, Ms Ramla Akhtar eventually opposed the August 27, 2021, fair and generous appeasement offer which could, despite her crimes, have helped her to come back to the existence of a regular Pakistani citizen and to comply with her parental duty. Instead, she formally confirmed and evidenced that she decided to go deeper into confrontation, spoiling her future and the one of her relatives.

Twitter: accusations pakistanaises contre un citoyen français & dispositions pénales prétendument applicables

Selon la Pakistanaise Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, tweetant sous @GruaAbuseArkive et @BetterInventory, le citoyen français, Bernard Grua, serait responsable, au Pakistan, d’agressions et de harcèlement à l’égard de victimes d’un violeur-pédophile, d’entrer en contact avec une communauté isolée afin de supprimer des preuves de faits délictueux, ainsi que de forcer des Pakistanais à lui adresser ces preuves plutôt qu’à la justice. Nous allons replacer ces accusations dans leur contexte, les confronter à la réalité et essayer de comprendre leur motivation.

Pakistani accusations against a French citizen & penal codes allegedly applicable

According to the Pakistani social media user Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, tweeting under @GruaAbuseArkive and @BetterInventory, the French citizen, Bernard Grua, would be responsible, in Pakistan, for assault on & harassment of victims of a rapist-pedophile, for reaching out to a remote community in order to repress evidence, and for forcing Pakistanis to submit evidence to him instead of to law. We will place these accusations into their context, confront them with the reality and try to understand their motivation.

Cyberstalking, the Pakistani legal tool box

The Pakistani cyberstalker who created the impersonating account @BestInventoryPR, renamed in @BetterInventory, has her own legal pudding for manipulating an audience in a vain attempt to impress her victim. She recently mentioned the Pakistan Penal Code, the Telegraph Act and the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act. Her despicable allegations already debunked in numerous articles and her rabid hate speech widely evidenced will not be examined here. The article will detail the text of laws Ms Ramla Akhtar refers to.

Signalement par @BestInventory du compte pakistanais @BestInventoryPR / @BetterInventory, pour harcèlement

Le compte Twitter @BestInventoryPR a été créé par la Pakistanaise Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, tweetant sous @GruaAbuseArkive. Le présent document fait état du signalement à Twitter, par @BernardGrua, du harcèlement et de l’usurpation d’identité subis de la part du compte @BestInventoryPR. Il s’agit des cas #0222936801 et #0222945194.

Cyber-délinquante pakistanaise, Ramla Akhtar: signalement par @BestInventory du compte pakistanais @BestInventoryPR, pour usurpation d’identité et violation de droits d’auteur, 5 août 2021

Le compte Twitter @BestInventoryPR a été créé par la Pakistanaise Ramla Akhtar, alias Rmala Aalam, tweetant sous @GruaAbuseArkive. Le présent document fait état du signalement à Twitter, et d’une plainte en vertu du DMCA, par @BestInventory, de l’usurpation d’identité et de…

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