Formal Demand Notice to @GruaAbuseArkive, a Pakistani hate speech promoter

@GruaAbuseArkive Formal Demand Notice Ramla Akhtar Rmala Aalam
The Pakistani Twitter account @GruaAbuseArkive attacks a French citizen for 22 months with hideous accusations. They are intended to provoke physical violences if not assassination. While no conciliation propositions, no other demands, no legal complaints could stop the enraged hate speech, the current Formal Demand Notice calls the cybercriminal to stop the deadly promotion. If not, the Twitter user, @GruaAbuseArkive, should be ready to face a full reciprocity. This may lead to fatal consequences for this person, knowing how Pakistan is an explosive country. There, “religious” extremists consider human sacrifices as a proof of piety.They look for opportunities allowing them to practise their addiction for beheadings.


Formal demand notice – 2021/07/20

To: Ms Ramla Akar, aka Rmala Aalam, Pakistan
Twitter accounts (known): @GruaAbuseArkive, @CopingWithCovid, @BestInventoryPR
Re: Second formal demand notice
Attachment: @GruaAbuseArkive, analysis of a dark Pakistani Twitter account

From: Bernard Grua, Nantes, Bretagne, France


As of July 19, 2021, an analysis of your 1,757 Twitter publications over the last 22 months against myself (see attachment) evidences: slanders, forgeries, false allegations, defamation, harassment, doxxing, threats, blackmail and calumnious denunciations. Such a massive use of social media against one single person would bring you a sentence of imprisonment in any civilized country. You abuse a judicial loophole, in Pakistan, for enjoying your malevolence. The article 12 of the human rights declaration does not mean anything for you.

There is something even more disturbing that no human being can tolerate, regardless his culture or his education. Your hate speech shows a repeated inflation of unsupported accusations such as paedophilia, murder, neo-Nazism, terrorism, blasphemy, torture. This is, now, obvious that your goal is to provoke an assassination in France, in Pakistan or anywhere else. This is a serious issue. My country knows that the Islamist murders wave of the autumn 2020 finds its origin in Pakistan hate speech.

Don’t invoke the fact that being a woman you would be, by construction, not blamable for such a behavior. Samuel Paty was assassinated because of the calumnious denunciation and false testimony exposed on social media by a woman, actually a teenager girl. Don’t invoke your “reputation” for eluding your responsibility. On the opposite, there are written testimonies about your child abuses. There are written evidences that you called for guns and violence against the Wakhi ethnic and religious minority in northern Pakistan. There are written evidences that you want to impose the ethnic cleansing of white people in northern Pakistan. There are written testimonies that you had to flee Gulmit angry villagers because you physically beat an elderly. There are written testimonies about your behavior in Gilgit guesthouse during the first COVID lockdown. There are written evidences about your pornographic conspiracy theories intended to deprive mountain families from their livelihoods. There are written evidences about your false allegations and the way you distort reality in fake news presentation for publicly tormenting your victims. You perfectly know that I can show records to a court about these facts. There is information about your subversion of jobless young people and your attacks against children education in Gojal. For the last ones, witnesses don’t want to be quoted, because they are afraid of retaliation. However, I am sure a local inquiry might bring tangible evidences for being exposed in a court.

As a consequence I am forced to understand that you use all possible means, including the most false and outrageous accusations in order to ruin my life and to get me killed. Here, I express my formal demand to you to stop this deadly addiction. I give you one week, i.e. until July 27, 2021, 24:00 PM (Paris time) to formally agree stopping any Tweet against me and stopping any other disinformation tasks with any third party. If you don’t formally agree with this demand, I will, let’s be very clear, pursue the same goal against you as the one you pursue against me. I will use the same methods, and the same words against you, as the ones you use against me, including but not only, the make-up of a hideous alternative reality.

If you don’t terminate your murderous project. I will put an end to it, on your own way, i.e. by any means. And you must know that if you denounce this formal demand notice before the deadline, I will immediately act accordingly to what is written above.

You must, however, understand that keeping quiet on social media does not deprive you of your rights to go to a court and to present any claim you consider properly supported. It will, of course, not be considered as a breach of this formal agreement, subject to the fact you don’t use publicly your legal claim for, again, harassment, defamation, hate speech, calumnious denunciations, doxxing, etc.

Sincerely yours,

Bernard Grua, Nantes, July 20, 2021

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Formal Demand Notice rejection – 2021/07/24

On July 24, 2021, Ramla Akhtar rejected the Formal Demand Notice. It will be immediately implemented.

Formal Demand Notice has been rejected @BestinventoryPR
Formal Demand Notice rejection by @GruaAbuseArkive

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Detailed “answer” from Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam – 2021/08/14

August 14, 2021

Bernard, I deleted your ridiculous demand notice. You are a third-rate hogwash creating machine. You are not a quality photographer, your works this far hint to the possibility that you are a habitual plagiarizer and blackmailer. Only this kind of man validates himself by starting dumpster fires in places he is not related to and has no knowledge of.

Femicide is currently being protested against in Gojal and I have sent your name to the local activists who will know that you have been deliberately and wilfully powering one of their most fearsome rapist-pedophiles. You are out of your mind. I told you to not be an idiot and Olga who had no idea that you are an anti-Russian terrorist to boot, tried to help you.

But you are a maniac. Therefore I have traced the names and contacts of several of your family members, who I am sure are grown-up adults, and I will be communicating with them, not a toddler like yourself. I am assuming Emmanuel is your brother. I also have obtained the contacts of other adults who will each get to hear what you have been up to. You are a rabid, dangerous idiot who should not be endangering himself, his family, women overseas and a vulnerable community. I have never forgotten my promise to you, you will be taken to task.

What’s more, my business and work has only gained followers and income, not lost. What a fool.

No amount of foul words are enough to describe a creature like yourself. I would expect myself to be rightfully in jail if I did to a French woman what you have tried to do to me. However, my subsequent research shows that life for women in France is may be a shît show anyway and actually the country is populated with dehydrated-brained warmongers like yourself who are possibly living a medieval war dream in their heads. You are not normal.

Take care, and I will reach your family, your business contacts, and I have reached the Nantes Community and not only are you going to be discussed with femicide and anti-rape activists here, but we are also exploring the possibility of an action and protest in France. This will become a landmark case so that Whyte incels and racists like yourself learn a lesson in how to conduct yourself with prudence, and due your due research before you threaten women abroad with violent retribution for outing a predator.

Also, the beheading image you made has led to serious inquiry and discussion here. This image will be used along with a sampling of the plenty of threats you have given. Nevermind the blasphemy.

What a low-ball, and clearly from a family that has failed to produce a noble, nuanced progeny in years. All of you worked in one firm! Well well. Not very diversely talented, are we. The only reason why I don’t like to deal with you is because you are not just an incredible bore but also… yeah, just an incredibly boring old f—. Take care, we will be reaching what I presume to be adults though Lord help me with the untalented and one-trick pony Grua clan.


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Reply to Ramla Akhtar – “Go to hell!” 2021/08/14

To: Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, @GruaAbuseArkive, @BestInventoryPR, Pakistan
From: Bernard Grua, France
Date: August 14, 2021

The formal demand notice might be deleted on your Messenger side. Who cares? It is not deleted in this conversation. I still can see it. The most interesting part is your answer at its bottom (see capture). I will post it into the relevant article. I did not expect any positive answer from you. I just needed your acknowledgement about the fact you read it and rejected it. That’s what you did. Shukria! You are the most stupid person on earth.

I am not scared with your threats. You just think like a brown TLP Punjabi. You are not able to think like a civilized Westerner or like an educated person from Hunza. You consider hate speech, law of lynch and beheading work in France as they work in Pakistani Punjab slums. Wrong assumption. In France, and in all civilized nations, the main legal topic is presumption of innocence. Accusations unless they are confirmed by a court are defamation.

What you are still missing is the Islamist murders wave of autumn 2020. It is clear for my compatriots that Pakistan is a pariah country, a country fueling world terrorism. Your third-world status is not enough to gain you compassion. Nobody wants to be involved in Pakistani murderous subversion in France. Look how many followers your garbage Twitter account, @BestInventoryPR reached. I just need to write to your followers and they quit. I am sure you noticed it. You just have three followers, including a Pakistani troll. Drop your freak dreams about creating riots against me in France. Even your female status will be of no help. Shireen Mazari your so-called “Human Rights” minister is the most despicable hatred promoter as publicly acknowledged by our MFA. Everybody knows Samuel Paty‘s beheading was caused by a false testimony of a young girl. Nobody forgot that your alter-ego, Miriam Badaoui, caused so many innocent people being jailed. Eventually, it appeared that she was, like you, a child abuser. Women enjoy freedom of speech in France. This is not Pakistan. Your game saying you are silenced is just not understandable in France. Your insane flood is taken for what it is: hatred from a freak.

While your Twitter campaign is a blatant failure, you are announcing you will create a website to stalk me. So what? One more website from Akhtar which will be ignored by Google such as Teachings…, Hony…, Deep Soul… and other crap. Should I remind that the one you created against me on blogspot was immediately deleted by the moderation? Should I remind you that you lost all your articles on Medium because your account, @BlackMoonSoul, was closed after you tried to use this media for cyberstalking and for selling illegal COVID medicine? Should I remind you that the PamirSerai website you took control of thanks to a DMCA claim, based on forgeries and use of forgeries, is lost and that the two Pamir Serai correct websites I designed work perfectly as works perfectly the Pamir Trails one? Should I suggest you to Google “Ramla’s Projects” and “Rmala’s Projects” to understand they are buried? Akhtar, you are deceived by your own false advertising of webmaster skills. SEO, that you totally ignore, is important. But this not enough. The websites I create have thousands of Hunza readers. You will get none. Because your content is so dirty that nobody wants to be spoiled while reading it. With no readers, a website is a dead stuff for search engines. And my websites, how many times you tried to get them deleted from their host? With what result? None.

Let’s talk about your ridiculous mention of Gojal. Everybody knows why you had to leave Gulmit and to run away from the region. I have supporters in Karimabad, in Gulmit, in Passu, in Sost, in Chapursan. I could very easily ask friends to connect me with their relatives in Shimshal. You have no supporters in Gojal or Hunza. I don’t even talk about your desastrous reputation in Gilgit. Actually, local population vomits your toxicity. You know it. You are a brown sunni extremist and a colonialist in Hunza behaving like a thug. I am a guest, a writer whose production is endless shared and complimented. That’s the difference. Even, the way you try to exploit the terrible Abida’s murder, in Shimshal, for your own revenge disguss everybody.

Regarding your Russian “friend”, Olga Leonidovna Ozerova, you just missed everything. She hates me because she is a nationalist who adores the Soviet period. And she wanted to believe the three articles I published in “Russia Beyond” were turned against her country. She is so nekulturny that she is not aware of the fact “Russia Beyond” is a Russian state media company (very easy to check), which will never allow negative articles about Russia. So, Ozerova never tried to come to an appeasement. In the opposite, she fueled your excitation and used you against a westerner. This is ridiculous. You are so naive and so unaware of our world. BTW I still did not hear the complaint she wanted to file at Pakistani government against me, with the help of 10 false witnesses. Ozerova paid the price for her dirty game, even without the help of my Russian friends.

Then, what should I consider from the trash you dump on me in this message? What should I think from your ad-personam attacks ? Nothing, because I don’t expect any good words from a mad whore like you and I am already familiar with your psychopathic “litterature”. If these provocations can satisfy your libido, I am very happy for you.

To summarize, you will never reach your goal (you know what I talk about). It does not mean I will not pursue against you the same goal you pursue against me. I will also, not refrain to use against you, all that you use against me. I have good reasons to believe I will be more successful than you. I respected our state of law and I was, initially, extremely moderate to counter your propaganda because I wanted to be on the good side for the court audiences I requested from French and Pakistani authorities. I understood French justice can’t do anything against a citizen staying in a rogue state. I understood Pakistani justice doesn’t care either. I am free to act the way I need. You are an out-law. Till now, you have taken advantage of the judicial loophole where you live. When your case becomes something serious, you will learn the negative side of this judicial loophole. It will not be my problem. It will be the solution.

Go to hell Akhtar.

Bernard Grua

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All the tasks unsuccessfully handled before this Formal Demand Notice

Two years ago, after a week of bullying and systematic defamation by Ms Ramla Akhtar against Bernard Grua, a fair conciliation proposition was sent to her. She rejected it and became more rabid. A complaint has been filed by Nantes (France) high court for the public prosecutor, with no result. Numerous calls for help and a request for a meeting were sent to Johanna Rolland, Nantes Mayor, main addressee of the repeated calumnious denunciations. Her services never answered. French governmental agency Net-Ecoute requested Twitter to close the criminal account, with no results. Twitter received hundreds of reports from Bernard Grua, with no actions. A first Formal Demand Notice was sent to the cybercriminal, Ramla Akhtar. She rejected it. A complaint was filed to Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency, cybercrime wing. With no results. Ramla Akhtar attacks become more and more murder incitation oriented.

All these steps are document here: Ramla Akhtar & Olga Leonidovna Ozerova: the main milestones of an international cyberstalker’s case

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Ramla Akhtar, the cyberstalker case of Hunza, on Pinterest

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Graduated from Paris "Institut d'Etudes Politiques", financial auditor, photographer, founder and spokesperson of the worldwide movement which opposed to the delivery of Mitral invasion vessels to Putin's Russia, contributor to French and foreign media for culture, heritage and geopolitics.

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