How a Pakistani Islamist stalker hijacked, in Nantes municipality, Samuel Paty’s stabbing for hate speech and calumnious denunciation ?

Ramla Akhtar, Samuel Paty, Ramla Akhtar, Bassem Asseh
Ramla Akhtar, the radicalized Pakistani stalker, @GruaAbuseArkive, is used to tweet tens of calumnious denunciations to Nantes municipality about a local citizen, her main target. Her October 30, 2020, Twitter attack resulted in a thread which provided a big engagement. It assisted her victim to challenge Ramla Akhtar’s case neglect in Nantes municipality. There, it can’t be ignored anymore.

It also helped the victim to get media and political support. Since, Nantes municipality door is closed for this cyber criminal. Each new tweet from her will just worsen the way she is perceived by the first addressees of her 153 calumnious denunciations as of December, 31, 2020.

Context of new stalker’s calumnious denunciations

Samuel Paty, a French teacher, was beheaded, in Conflans, by Abdullakh Anzorov, a Chechen Islamist on October 16, 2020.
Samuel Paty, teacher & martyr

Samuel Paty, a French teacher, was beheaded, in Conflans, by Abdullakh Anzorov, a Chechen Islamist on October 16, 2020. This assassination followed calumnious denunciations, hate speech and harassment in pack in parallel with cowardice of public and educational authorities. The crime was preceded by the stabbing of two people, in Paris “rue Appert”, committed by the Pakistani Zaheer Hassan Mehmood, on September 25, 2020.

It was followed by the triple slaughtering in Nice basilica, on October 29, perpetrated by Brahim Aouissaoui, a young Tunisian fundamentalist.

At the same period, “forgetting” to mention these crimes and the previous Islamist mass murders such as Charlie Hebdo (January 2015), kosher supermarket (January 2015) and the Bataclan (November 2015), a worldwide Islamist hate speech, turned against France, was orchestrated by Recep Erdogan (Turkish President) Imran Khan (Pakistan Prime minister) and the Muslim Brotherhood. These three world jihad agents even presented French mandatory society safeguard measures against the bloodsheds as an evidence of Islamophobia. That’s the “hot trend”, the radicalized and opportunist Pakistani cybercriminal, Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, jumped on to promote her toxic discourse, her xenophobia and her hatred for non-Sunni believers.

The first hijack, by the Pakistani radicalized stalker, of Samuel Paty’s Islamist murder, on October 21, 2020, built the file.

On October 21, 2020, Ramla Akhtar, @GruaAbuseArkive on Twitter, used the opportunity of a Samuel Paty’s commemoration for adding new calumnious denunciations (see the monthly list in exhibit) to Nantes municipality (which will have received 153 tweets from Akhtar as of December, 31, 2020) about @BernardGrua, the author of this paper. These slanders were attached as replies to Bassem Asseh (Nantes first deputy mayor) tweets, presenting the ceremony. Johanna Rolland (Nantes Mayor) & Aïcha Bassal (fourth deputy mayor) were copied for two of her three tweets.

Abusing and torturing others is not freedom. French values seem to be stuck in the be in the brain celles of a torturous juvenile’s infantile mind, and it’s time that this non sense is fully discarded. What kind of crass grown-up draws the kinds of caricatures you are peddling?

Ramla akhtar, aka rmala aalam, radicalized stalker from karachi, pakistan
to Nantes first deputy mayor – October 21, 2020, first tweet

On October 23, Bernard Grua wrote to Bassem Asseh about the tweets he received from the Islamist stalker. He gave numerous details in a thread of 19 tweets. He asked for help and/or a meeting. Anticipating additional similar situation everything was presented as a consolidated report using Twitter, “Thread Reader App” and a blog article. This on line file is also part of the documentation that lawyers and “NetEcoute” recommended him to maintain.

First tweet of @BernardGrua thread to Bassem Asseh and Aïcha Bassal

Captures of the Pakistani Islamist stalker’s calumnious denunciation tweets, sent to Bassem Asseh, Johanna Rolland and Aicha Bassal were attached, as reminders, to the @BernardGrua above tweet:

Outrageous reply from Ramla Akhtar to @3asseh about Samuel Paty beheading.
First Oct 21 calumnious denunciation from Ramla Akhtar about @BernardGrua sent to @3asseh @Johanna_Rolland and @bassalaicha
Second October 21 calumnious denunciation (as a reply to the first one) from Ramla Akhtar about @BernardGrua sent to @3asseh @Johanna_Rolland and @bassalaicha


The other 18 tweets of October 23 thread can be read here or in this article: “Harcèlement pakistanais islamiste à Nantes, nouvelle demande d’aide et de protection à la municipalité (Pakistani Islamist harassment in Nantes, new request for help and protection from the municipality).

Last tweet of the October 23 thread with Bassem Asseh. Link to the article presenting this thread as a text.

As usual, none of the three authorities replied. However, the tools were organized for anticipated new relevant occurences. It happened shortly after.

On October 30, 2020, the second hijack, by the Pakistani cybercriminal, of Samuel Paty’s Islamist murder, made her stalking case public.

The day after Nice basilica triple stabbing, Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the Pakistani cybercriminal, launched a new assault. On October 30, she used another Samuel Paty’s mourning in a Nantes suburb, for additional calumnious denunciations.

Calumnious denunciation tweet from Ramla Akhtar to St Herblain Mayor as a reply to a tweet presenting a commemoration for Samuel Paty

Under a tweet of Bertrand Affilé (mayor of a St Herblain, a Nantes suburb), mentioning a commemoration for Samuel Paty, the beheaded teacher, Ramla Akhtar posted, again, calumnious denunciations against @BernardGrua.

In the reply, it was mentioned that Johanna Rolland (Nantes Mayor) and Nantes Police received tens of calumnious denunciations from the stalker and numerous calls for help from Bernard Grua, without any answer. The article made with the long thread to Bassem Asseh & Aïcha Bassal, was attached.

Tweet in the top five @BernardGrua profile clicks: 34

@BernardGrua second reply – Retweeted (below) by Asseh protesting “defamation”. – Link to the tweet.

It was added that recent calls for help to Bassem Asseh & Aïcha Bassal were also ignored. After one year of calumnious denunciations, it was time to shake these people who never paid attention to polite and respectful messages or letters. Jihad complicity was alleged.

Twitter analytics for the previous tweet

It was quote-tweeted by Bassem Asseh, (4 K followers): see below. It attracted engagement to the thread and pushed the tweet to three top indicators of @BernardGrua Twitter account.

A despicable tweet which reached a large audience and pulled the @BernardGrua embedded tweet. Five Retweets: @MathieuMf, @jo_delb, @kheira_drissi, @RachidBaraBZH & one unknown. Three quote tweets: @NLebourlier and two unknown. – Link to Asseh’s retweet.

Except an actual help, the retweet from Bassen Asseh with threat of court invoking defamation was the only input which could, unfortunately, be expected. It boosted the whole thread with a strong engagement. It made Akhtar’s case a burden for the city authorities.

Bernard Grua wrote to the people who retweeted the irresponsible Bassem Asseh post and that he could identify. Some kindly answered or countered Asseh. It was very graceful from them. One former member of a minister cabinet even confirmed her support and tried to alert Johanna Rolland.

It is still astonishing that Bassem Asseh, the first deputy mayor of a big city like Nantes, involved in an Islamist hate speech scheme can try to launch a harassment in pack and a threat against one of his own citizen in order to default his own responsibility for not providing assistance and for not having taking care of an issue he should have handled properly.

Reply from @BernardGrua to Bassem Asseh – Link to the tweet.

Bernard Grua answered that he would be delighted to bring his testimony in front of a court. He encouraged Bassem Asseh to proceed. For one year he wanted to be heard by French justice (he submitted a complaint to the Pubic prosecutor on November 2020).

Bernard Grua to Bassem Asseh, Nantes, islamist complicity
2nd reply to Asseh, mentioning again his jihadist complicity by passivity. Link to the tweet.

Complicity by indifference and passivity from Bassem Asseh, Johanna Rolland (Nantes Mayor) and Police for not bringing assistance was mentioned, once again. This time, Bassem Asseh, did not invoke a court and kept silent. He, and Aïcha Bassal simply blocked @BernardGrua on Twitter (see below).

Politicians ran away from Akhtar’s case.

The strong engagement mentioned in the red boxes next to the captures evidences that the case was made public. This time, Bernard Grua’s calls for help have been heard. Bassem Asseh’s irresponsible retweet made it possible, although it gives a despicable image from him. The fact that the Nantes first deputy mayor (Asseh) and the Nantes fourth deputy mayor (Bassal) decided to block @BernardGrua does not change the whole picture.

On the opposite, it is part of this article whose evidences can be used in the future, against them, if needed.


Nantes Socialist municipality was eventually burnt by Ramala Akhtar, the Pakistani Islamist stalker, who tried to hijack Samuel Paty murder. Doing so she made public her hate speech case while Socialists are, now, scared to be called “islamo-leftist”. They will not support her slandering campaign. It is, may be, how Bassem Asseh’s reaction should be interpreted.

Meanwhile Bernard Grua Twitter account got its biggest engagement just from this thread, because there was a big and unexpected rapid change in our society, or, at least, in its “politically correct” discourse. France, and it is its honour, traditionally focuses against defamation and against racism targeting color people or Muslims. France largely ignored hate speech especially against white people, if they were not Jewish. In our state of law, normally, hate speech is considered as a disagreement between two people and just being a personal quarrel with no fatal consequences, as long as civilized people are concerned. The Islamist butcheries following the hate speech mainly expressed by Recep Erdogan and his puppet, Imran Khan, fuelling a direct incitation for murders to “avenge the prophet”, were a strong wake up call for our country. Read: Pakistan and Turkey: When governments become the godfathers of the terrorist threat!

France learned that hate speech coming from anywhere in the world can indistincly kills via a “low cost” Muslim terrorism.

The concern came to top state level, if we look at how Shireen Mazari, Pakistan minister for “human rights”, was so strongly condemned by France for her despicable words, her blatant lies, her ideology of hatred and violences. She had to retreat. It is likely that French MFA statement was intended to slam the whole Pakistani government, mainly its Prime minister, Imran Khan, and the Islamist poison he spreads in order to politically survive. Probably the best paper explaining how France, nowadays, sees Pakistan Prime minister was written by the Italian reporter & writer, @francescam63, Fransceca Marino: Paris Beheading: What Pakistan PM Needs to Understand About France.

French Embassy in Islamad re-tweeting Pakistan human rights minister, Shireen Mazari.
French Embassy in Islamad retweeting Pakistan “Human rights” “minister”, Shireen Mazari.
Position of French MFA regarding Shireen Mazari's insults, despicable words, blatant lies etc.
Position of French MFA regarding Shireen Mazari’s insults, despicable words, blatant lies etc.

The condolences sent by the former cricket player and westernised play-boy to the family of Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leader, who called for droping nuclear bombs on Europe and whose followers hold meetings shouting “we want beheadings”, have certainly not been unnoticed.

The game is over in Nantes municipality for Ramla Akhtar, the Pakistani radicalized stalker. The door is, now, closed for this Islamist calumnious denunciator, slanderer and stalker. She lost her major bullying card. Meanwhile, she is under unpleasant sanctions for having rejected the Formal Demand Notice to a cyber Identity Thief and Stalker presented by her victim.

Additionnal important information

Ramla Akhtar’s calumnious denunciations tweets to Nantes municipality and police per month. Stalking tweets against Bernard Grua per month

As part of her enraged harassment, defamation campaign, hate speech and physical target designation for violences, Ramla Akhtar public calumnious denunciations are sent to a large list of Twitter accounts: French President, French Government, Interpol, French National Police, Russian Government (!), French Embassy in Pakistan, Pakistan Embassy in France, NGO’s, Newspapers, etc. However, for doxing purposes, she focuses on Nantes municipality and Nantes Police.

Between September 2019 and December 2020 the Islamist cyber-criminal Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, sent 153 calumnious denunciation tweets to Nantes municipality and 49 calumnious denunciation tweets to Nantes National Police.

Monthly number of calumnious denunciations sent by the Pakistani cybercriminal to Nantes mayor and to Nantes Metropole.
Monthly number of calumnious denunciations sent by the Pakistani cybercriminal to French national police in Nantes.

Between September 2019 and December 2020 the Islamist cybercriminal Ramla Akhtar sent 1,532 stalking tweets against BERNARD GRUA. The attacks are of all kinds: provocations, harassment, defamation, slanderous denunciations, insults, threats, blasphemy accusations (means death in Pakistan), calls for Muslim and God punishments, etc.

Monthly number of hatred bullying tweets sent by the Pakistani cybercriminal where her main victim, a Nantes citizen, is named.

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