Deadly stubbornness on Twitter, a stalker’s scuttling

Ramla Akhtar Rmala Aalam, stalker, deadly scuttling
“Ramla Akhtar: discover the strength of your Twitter account while facing a cyberstalker” was published on August 27, 2020. The document presented below is a quick update as of November 2020, of this previous article. It shows that the twitter account of her main victim improved its resilience and is performing well while facing a hatred campaign promoted by a stalker committing her, at least numerical, suicide.

1. Twitter analytics of the victim for the last 28 days

  • All indicators are improving, compared to the previous 28 days, despite less numerous tweets posted. The account is performing well and is still getting better. In other words, less efforts product better results.
  • The impressions (number of people having seen one tweet) is 35.1K. Then, each tweet was seen by 184 different people.
  • Each tweet generates an average of 12 profile visits.
  • The number of mentions is 70% of the number of tweets produced. Part of this figure is due to a good level of answers. The other part is due to the stalking made by Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, who mentions @bernardgrua for harassment, defamation and calumnious denunciation purposes. She still does not understand that, with these menteions, she is promoting and making stronger the account of her victim while rendering her own account very poorly attractive for an audience bored by her perpetual rantings.
  • The number of followers increased. This confirms the interestingness of @BernardGrua account.

2. Cumulated data comparison between the stalker (@gruaabusearkive) and the victim (@bernardgrua)

The analytics for the stalker @GruaAbuseArkive (ID: #3287184386)  refer to her last 3.2 K (system limits) of her 11.3 K tweets. The analytics for the victim refer to all of his 2,012 tweets (since origin).

Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the stalker has just 20% of her tweets leading to action (click, answer). For the victim, the ratio is more than 100%. If we project the 2.3K engagements of the victim to 3,200 (quantity of stalker’s tweets) the figure will be 3,647 versus 489. That means 7.48 times bigger! The stalker account is performing extremely bad. It is unattractive and boring for the audience. On the other hand it is probable that the victim good level of engagement is partly due to the rabid regular review of his account by the stalker.

Why Akhtar’s Twitter account is doing so bad?

@CopingWithCOVID, the second Akhtars Twitter account and its brain death status

Ramla Akhtar, sometimes, uses another Twitter account currently named @CopingWithCOVID (ID:#142457898). Despite this appealing name it does not receive any sign of interest. For the same reasons than her main Twitter account.

  • As explained in her “media model” big part of the stalker’s activity consist in trying to get attention by surfing the trends. Which leads to an inconsistent message, unable to retain followers.
  • The second part of the stalker’s activity is to harass her victim. It is sometimes so ridiculous, so repetitive and so full of hatred that any potential audience is simply bored if not disgusted.
  • The third part consists of the stalker talking about herself with indecent exhibitionism, permanent exaggeration if not plagiarism of other lives. Akhtar is wrong. She is not physically or intellectually attractive. She is not a sexy influencer. She is a fat and disgraced female in her forties, frequently mentioning her mental & physical disorders, hiding herself behind an anonymous, impersonating and slandering identity, sometimes using a fake profile picture.
Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, fake profile picture on Twitter

Who could be interested in the story of such an empty and unpleasant life of a repuslive personnality? Who could trust a stalker with permanently changing twitter names and bios clearly showing the malevolent purpose of nevrotic accounts spread with bouts of insanity?

Nobody cares about Ramla Akhtar’s crap. She still does not understand how her few followers are tired of this morbid staging.

3. While her Twitter accounts proved to be useless if not damaging for herself, Akhtar is back to her old death impulse

Since more than one year, Akhtar hatred rabid campaign is a disaster for herself. And it is going even worst. Her August extremely poor engagement ratio was 680/3,200 tweets for her main account. It dropped to 480/3,200 for November 2020.

The stalker is wasting her life on twitter. No surprises she is tweeting so frequently about death and suicide, one of her addictions. She just gets the complete indifference of her audience, if any.

Right nobody cares about a stalker.

Destruction, death and suicide are an old addiction for Ramla Akhtar

Already in 2015, Ramla Akhtar was openly considering her physical self destruction.
Unfortunetaly this article which could have been of great help for understanding Ramla Akhtar death impulse is not accessible anymore. Since her Medium blog was supressed for promoting illegal medicine against COVID-19.

In her desperate attemps for grabing attention, Akhtar just sees a last option, a post-mortem celebrity. Like jihadists, to make her death more valuable, she needs to harm her targets and victims while charging them for her demise.

A jihadist behavior: harm or kill other people while commiting suicide – There are numerous tweets of this kind posted by Akhtar over the last year period

Death, murder, terror, torture and suicide are an integral part, if not the main part, of the malevolent Ramla Akhtar’s discourse, blackmail, harassment, racism, xenophobia, hate speech and calumnious denunciations. It will be presented in a next article.

4. Twitter profiles of Ramla Akhtar as of November 2020

Twitter main profile of Ramla Akhtar, the stalker – Note the lack of link to FB page or website for avoiding being traced. Note the place: “Black Mountains”, which does not mean in location
Twitter second profile of Ramla Akhtar, the stalker

Notwithstanding the fact that an anonymous account does not look credible, a defaming profile picture (see the two examples below) evidences the malevolent purpose of a Twitter account. It makes it more repulsive for potential followers. It cannot be accepted by twitter moderation as a personal one. As a consequence, it can be used for debunking purposes and for back-firing the stalker, as it will be proved in the exhibit.

One of the profile pictures of the stalker, Ramla Akhtar – Understand how despicable is the sentence: “like to steal my image”
One of the profile pictures of the stalker, Ramla Akhtar

Not already convinced the stalker is a freak? Look here.

One of the posts of Ramla Akhtar, the stalker. Kept as a future evidence of the mental dereliction of the stalker some months (?) before she decided to terminate her life.


Why dealing with an “anonymous” defamatory account is exposing its user?

E.1. @NoToStalkers account adapts to Rmala Akhtar defaming profile

An account designed to counter Ramla Akhtar’s harassment.

It would be detrimental to use @BernardGrua for countering the stalker and to sacrify a clean Twitter account into a Akhtar’s morbid game. Ramla Akhtar does not deserve the damages and the disgust it might create to the audience of her victim. Another Twitter account @NoToStalkers is dedicated to this task. The goal is to create a consistency with Akhtar’s posts, to produce more confusion in her already messy message and to back-fire while revealing who is, actualy this stalker. Despite her despicable claims and rants (see below), Akhtar has no possibility to report to Twitter “copyright” issues or “impersonation” of her already impersonating and stalking profile.

Note that this very minor account gets an engagement 5.5 bigger than Ramla Akhtar “best” Twitter account.

E.2. How to debunk the stalker, Ramla Akhtar, credibility on Twitter and how to promote an opposite discourse?

Here, the article Review of « Social Entrepreneurship: How Business Can Change Communities – By Ramla Akhtar » will be promoted by retweets and answers sent to people the stalker contacted directly or indirectly.

E.2.1. Unsuccessful initial tweet of Rmala Akhtar to “Séphora” @Walkyrie.

This Akhtar tweet will be an opportunity for four sanction posts.

Tweet of Ramla Akhtar to “Séphora” – No retweets, no likes
E.2.2. “NoToStalkers”, answer to Séphora @valkyrie786 presenting an article about Akhtar.
The answer send a link to an article debunking Ramla Akhtar’s work in the sphere of “social entrepreneurship”
E.2.3. “NoToStalkers”, answer to SA J Shirazi @sajshirazi presenting an article about Akhtar.

An answer was also sent to the author @valkyrie786 was retweeting. The article against Aktar got one retweet, and one like.

E.2.4. “NoToStalkers”, RT of SA J Shirazi @sajshirazi post, and link to Bernard Grua’article about Akhtar’s presentation of dolls business.

This post got two retweets, and three likes.

E.2.5. “NoToStalkers”, RT of Séphora @valkyrie786 post, and link to Bernard Grua’article about Akhtar’s presentation of dolls business.

This post got one retweet and one like.

E.3. How to reveal the criminal dimension of Ramla Akhtar’s profile?

Of course, the stalker blocked the access to her profile and to her posts. Actually, there is no interest in arguing with a stalker. It would only give more value to her account. She has, as exposed above, very few engagements. When, by accident, she gets an answer, it opens a window, while it is possible to post under this answer in a relevant manner. Here below is an example of @GruaAbuseArkive (Akhtar’s Twitter account) post, with a comment from Honor Mc Cullagh. Then, @NoToStalkers can answer to all the people of this conversation giving a link to an article exposing testimonies about child-maltreatment by Ramla Akhtar. The library documenting Akhtar’s abuses on different websites is big enough for providing a good bunch of articles fitting with any kind of answer.
– First list of articles about Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.
– Second list of articles about Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.
– Third list of articles about Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.
– Forth list of articles about Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.

Comment to Akhtar’s post used for counter-propaganda purpose.

E.4. The stalker can’t escape her own malevolence

The irritation expressed by Akhtar, and the arguments she is using in trying to repel the above approach, are evidences the stalker is destabilized and unable to react properly. This is a strong incitation to enforce this sanctions “maskirovka”.

Taking pride of a despicable post showing an evident madness for provocation purpose. If the first days of harassment from Akhtar got some answers she could cook and still use as repeated “permanent evidences” of threat, this game is terminated since more than one year. Every normal person would have been able to understand this situation. The stalker, nevertheless, is unable to adapt her approach and to escape her obscenity. She just offers new opportunities for documenting her case. As a consequence, each new crap backfires as the following tweet and as its report, in this article, show
This picture will remain perpetually available as a testimony of Ramla Akhtar’s personality. Later, it will help the little Sofia to understand how was her unworthy biological mother, the whore, who conceived her by accident, lust and adultery.

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Don’t forget the words of French foreign ministry about the criminal gang runing Pakistan and using religion in a blashemy way to hide to their people the damage they are causing to their country:
...”Today, a member of the Pakistani Cabinet has expressed views through social media, in terms that are deeply shocking and insulting for the President of the Republic and for our country. These despicable words are blatant lies, loaded with an ideology of hatred and violence. Such slanderous comments are disgraceful at such level of responsibility. We reject them strongly,”…

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