Debunking the Twitter indicators of a cyberstalker’s account

Next by Ramla: debunking the Twitter indicators of Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the cyberstalker. Shop manager at BetterBonds, Upper Hunza.
Intoxication, provocation and bluff about their audience are an integral part of the cyberstalker methods. The goal is to enforce a strong mental pressure in order to create isolation, distress and suicidal impulses for the victims. It is of importance to analyse the data with cold blood, while the picture can be less or even not dramatic. Moreover, this analysis, while assessing risks and opportunities, can become an integral part of the approach intended to trash the malevolent Twitter user. Here again, the locally famous cyberstalker of Upper Hunza, Pakistan, Ms Ramla Akhtar offers us some useful keys.

Data about an enraged stalking on Twitter

Since September 2019, the white Christian Frenchman, Bernard Grua, is the biggest Twitter target, among other victims, of Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the famous brown-skin (as she claims), female, Sunni (questionable) cyberstalker (locally, called with numerous other names) of the Northern Pakistan Mountains, who expands her almost full time venomous hate speech under the cover of “BetterBonds by Ramla”, her herbal micro-shop in Husseini, Gulmit, Upper Hunza.

Ramla Akhtar, Next by Ramla, Stalking

Please Note:
According to civilized and non-discriminating standards, mentioning the gender, the skin color and the religion is politically incorrect. However, emphasizing her “brown skin”, referring to colonialism, invoking a so-called anti-patriarchy activism and expressing her anti-Western or anti-White hatred is the back bone of Ms Ramla Akhtar’s discourse. It should be underlined for analyzing her Twitter activity.

Ramla Akhtar stalking tweets per month Bernard Grua between September 18, 2019 and August 26, 2020. Next by Ramla. #Ramla Akhtar. #Ramla Akhtar
Ramla Akhtar stalking tweets per month against Bernard Grua, between September 18, 2019 and August 26, 2020.
Ramla Akhtar cumulated stalking tweets against Bernard Grua between September 18, 2019 and August 26, 2020. Next by Ramla. #Ramla Akhtar. #Ramla Akhtar
Ramla Akhtar cumulated stalking tweets against Bernard Grua between September 18, 2019 and August 26, 2020. Next by Ramla. #Ramla Akhtar. #Ramla Akhtar

Such a malevolent flood of harassment is illegal in any country. However, the cybercriminal is in a judicial loop hole. A complaint to a French Prosecutor was filed in High Court. But French justice can not take the proper sanctions (fine and jail in case of a repeat) because the author is in Pakistan. A complaint was filed at Pakistani Federal Investigation Agency, cybercrime, wing. But this authority answered they will not process a complaint from a victim located in France. Reports to Twitter are inefficient while its moderation does not considerer the volume of stalking, but just some isolated posts. The stalker main account, @GruaAbuseArkive, was suspended just one month, despite the efforts of the French governmental agency against harassment.

The stalker falsely interprets Twitter key figures for additional harassment and for self-congratulation.

Ramla Akhtard, aka Rmala Aalam, profile on Twitter
Stalker’s exclamations of triumph

Let’s analyze if the actual “performance” of the cyberstalker is on line with the dramatic increase of the hatred she promotes.

The anticipable impact of a frenetic posting

During the 28-days period observed, the stalker produced 44 tweets per day for a total of 1,236 tweets versus 338 tweets (12 tweets per day) for the previous period. That’s what means an increase by 265,7% of the number of tweets. This is not a result. It is the input. It means the stalker multiplied her daily effort by 3 or 4 compared to the previous period. Let’s see the figures.

The stalker compares one of her lowest Twitter activity with a frenetic one as shown by the following chart. This chart represents, for each day, the cumulated data for the 28 previous days.

Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, activity on Twitter
Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, activity on Twitter
Figures, each day, represents the cumul of tweets quantity for the 28 previous days

It should, have a proportional mechanical impact on the audience reached. A deeper review shows us that it is not the case.

The tweet impressions evidence a parasitic opportunism instead of a Twitter account performance.

The “tweet impressions” (160 K) figure means the number of people who saw the tweets. It seems to be high. Though, it is artificial. Ramla Akhtar comments under the tweets of influencers, then she is taking advantage of their audience. However, this large audience is poorly attracted. Akhtar get very few answers to her obsequiousness and sycophancy in respect of the people she wants to seduce. Her account is not getting stronger as will show the following data.

A “mouche du coche” or a parasitic behavior is not a strategy.

Profile visit figure improvement (+97%) is far beyond the activity increase (+265%).

Profile visits increased by 97%. This is far less than the jump by 265% of the Tweets quantity. Actually, just one-third. Clearly, it does not work. The result is even more disastrous for the mentions which increased by just 52%. Growth in mentions is just 19% of the increase in the number of Tweets.

Ramla Akhtar’s account, despite the enormous amount of hours spoiled on it, stays boring.

The ratio followers/tweet-volume is dropping.

The posts total of @GruaAbuseArkive as of August 25 is 9,868 Tweets since the opening of the account. The number of followers is 149. It is an extremely bad ratio of 1.45%. The 1,752 tweets of the last 28 days generated 17 new followers. It means the ratio dropped to 0.97% during the 28 days period.

It costs a lot of hours to the stalker for increasing or even keeping her followers level.

The dead end

It should be absolutely understood that the above indicators are not “fixed assets.” They are temporary data. To maintain her tweet impressions, her profile visits, her mentions and likely her followers, the stalker is condemned to keep her tweet volume surge at the same level than the last 28 days.

Meanwhile, she will kill even more her actual social life (if any), her professional activity (if any), and her, already guilty neglected, family obligations. See:Pakistani testimonies about child abuses in Hussaini, Gojal”.

This is not viable, but it is not the darkest side of Ms Akhtar’s exclamations of triumph. The worst is to come, and it is certain, as we will explain.

Read the comparison made between the stalker’s Twitter indicators and the one of her major victim, which confirms how Ramla Akhtar’s stalking account, focusing on low quality and high volumes, though disturbing, is surprisingly weak & audience repellent.

A stalker on the road to hell

The above analytical review of the data shows that the stalker exclamations of triumph are despicable. Calling this primitive bullying a “strategy” is nothing less than the forgeries and the false expertise Ms Akhtar tried to sell via her defunct “consulting” firm. See: NEXT> by Ramla, expertise review, practice versus theory. Ms Ramla Akhtar is not able to improve the quality of her publications and cannot develop her audience. She cannot force her propaganda through Twitter.

Moreover, such a poor account has no impact on Google, and her tweets are not showed in Google search results. Google is, indeed, another story for the tormentor whose production is documented, archived and published with devastating effects on SERP’s.

Every new post creates the material for #sanctions and #reciprocity measures announced in the Formal Demand Notice to a cyber Identity Thief and Stalker. They are motivated by the public rejection of the notice and by the judicial loophole from where acts the cyber-criminal. The self complete devastation Ms Akhtar’s bullying creates against herself is exposed in the following article.

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Next by Ramla: debunking the Twitter indicators of Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the cyberstalker. Shop manager at BetterBonds, Upper Hunza.

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