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Ms Rmala Aalam’s Twitter accounts, key figures as of 2020/05/29

Rmala Aalam - Twitter Key figures as of 2020/05/29
The Twitter accounts @CopingWithCOVID (ID:#142457898) & @GruaAbuseArkive (ID: #3287184386) have been identified as violating Twitter rules for hate speech or impersonation according to reports received from this media moderation. One account has been suspended for an unusual long period according to Twitter standards. The purpose of this article is to keep and to present major data in order to document the activity of Ms Rmala Aalam, aka Ramla Akhtar, their owner, on Twitter as of May 29, 2020. The information was collected and organised by Bernard Grua who considers himself being stalked and defamed by the previously mentioned user.

Note: Because of the large data tables, this article is better seen on a computer screen.

Table of contents

Breakdown of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aaalam, activity on Twitter

AccountCreationQty as of
Qty before
Stalking agst
Bernard Grua
May 20102 3131 133169
ID: 3287184386
July 20157 0685 5281 076
Total9 3816 6611 245
Volume of Tweets produced by Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam
Rmala Aalam tweet production May 2010 to May 2020
Rmala Aalam tweet production May 2010 to May 2020

Harassment on Twitter started on September 18, 2019. Note that Twitter ID, Twitter usernames and Twitter bios of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, are regularly changed. Main twitter account is currently (2020/05/29) @GruaAbuseArkive. While it was suspended in February/March 2020, by Twitter, for impersonation, the other account @CopingWithCOVID was used.

Access the complete Twitters file of Ms Ramla Akhtar from the opening of hr accounts until May 29, 2020

Main harassment and defamation targets of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam

Mentions of Bernard Grua in harassment tweets as of 2020/05/29
KeywordNumber of Tweets
grua1 245
BernardGrua1 193
@BernardGrua1 184
Number of Tweets against the main stalked target of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam
Rmala Aalam's tweet production over the last 9 months
Rmala Aalam’s tweet production over the last 9 months
Rmala Aalam stalking tweets against Grua
Rmala Aalam stalking tweets against Grua
Mentions of Ms Mahrukh Beyg in harassment tweets as of 2020/05/29
KeywordNumber of Tweets
Mahrukh Beyg11
Number of Tweets sent by Ms Ramla Akhtar to stalk and defame Ms Mahrukh Beyg

Ms Mahrukh Beyg has 1 969 followers. She follows 100 accounts. She never mentioned Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Ramla Aalam, under her name(s) or Twitter “screen names”.

Mentions of Mr Alam Jan Dario in harassment tweets as of 2020/05/29
KeywordNumber of Tweets
Number of Tweets sent by Ms Ramla Akhtar to stalk and defame Mr Alam Jan Dario

Mr Alam an Dario twitter account (@Chapursani) is private. The total of tweets he sent from his account is 22.

Mentions of Mr Haider Badakhshoni in harassment tweets as of 2020/05/29

Mr Haider Badkhshoni has no Twitter account. He was stalked 20 times under “Badakhshoni” and once under “Badakhshani”.

Most significant authorities spammed by calumnious denunciations as of 2020/05/29

Nantes is a city of France where lives Bernard Grua, the main target of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam.

of tweets
@NantesMetropoleNantes and suburbs authority118
@Johanna_RollandMayor of Nantes city & President of Nantes Metropole104
@policenationaleFrench national police71
@policenat44Police of Nantes county47
@nantesfrNantes city communication department27
+…+ numerous authorities (incl. French & Russian governments, NGO’s, media such as newspapers and information agencies).+…
Amazing volume of Tweets spamming authorities for calumnious denunciation purposes

Major hashtags from for defamation, doxing and harassment – or for getting audience – as of 2020/05/29

HashtagPurposeNumber of tweets
PedoAudience + defamation
+ calumnious denunciation
PedophileAudience + defamation
+ calumnious denunciation
NantesDoxing + defamation
+ calumnious denunciation
FranceDoxing + defamation
+ calumnious denunciation
+ xenophobia teasing
MetooAudience + defamation67
Doxing, defamation & self-promotion via hashtags

Report on daily production of stalking tweets against Bernard Grua between 2019/09/18 & 2020/05/29

Reports on monthly activity of the two stalking accounts, on Twitter, from May 2010 until 2020/05/29

Note that Twitter ID, Twitter usernames of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, are regularly changed. Main twitter account is currently @GruaAbuseArkive. While it was suspended in February/March 2020, by Twitter, for impersonation, the other account @CopingWithCOVID was used.

Data about monthly activity from the two stalking accounts, on Twitter, until 2020/05/29

All tweets on complete period
May-10 46 0 46 46
Jun-10 86 0 86 132
Jul-10 69 0 69 201
Aug-10 127 0 127 328
Sep-10 7 0 7 335
Oct-10 1 0 1 336
Nov-10 2 0 2 338
Dec-10 6 0 6 344
Jan-11 15 0 15 359
Feb-11 17 0 17 376
Mar-11 10 0 10 386
Apr-11 23 0 23 409
May-11 6 0 6 415
Jun-11 7 0 7 422
Jul-11 4 0 4 426
Aug-11 5 0 5 431
Oct-11 1 0 1 432
Nov-11 4 0 4 436
Dec-12 6 0 6 442
Jan-13 91 0 91 533
Feb-13 26 0 26 559
Mar-13 73 0 73 632
Apr-13 55 0 55 687
May-13 21 0 21 708
Jun-13 417 0 417 1 125
Jul-13 50 0 50 1 175
Aug-13 5 0 5 1 180
Jul-15 0 95 95 1 275
Aug-15 0 121 121 1 396
Sep-15 0 983 983 2 379
Oct-15 0 189 189 2 568
Nov-15 0 65 65 2 633
Dec-15 0 4 4 2 637
Jan-16 0 10 10 2 647
Feb-16 0 7 7 2 654
Mar-16 0 3 3 2 657
Jan-17 0 2 2 2 659
Feb-17 0 12 12 2 671
Mar-17 0 17 17 2 688
Jul-17 0 1 1 2 689
Nov-17 0 14 14 2 703
Dec-17 0 5 5 2 708
Feb-18 0 2 2 2 710
Sep-18 0 3 3 2 713
Feb-19 0 7 7 2 720
Sep-19 0 151 151 2 871
Oct-19 0 152 152 3 023
Nov-19 0 1 072 1 072 4 095
Dec-19 0 1 431 1 431 5 526
Jan-20 0 1 101 1 101 6 627
Feb-20 454 794 1 248 7 875
Mar-20 656 228 884 8 759
Apr-20 14 347 361 9 120
May-20 9 252 261 9 381
Tweets from the stalking period

Feb-19 7 2 720 0 0
Sep-19 151 2 871 95 95
Oct-19 152 3 023 27 122
Nov-19 1 072 4 095 194 316
Dec-19 1 431 5 526 422 738
Jan-20 1 101 6 627 74 812
Feb-20 1 248 7 875 363 1 175
Mar-20 884 8 759 20 1 195
Apr-20 361 9 120 23 1 218
May-20 261 9 381 27 1 245

Examples of calumnious denunciations

To read the complete tweets on Twitter, 
copy the tweet ID (in first column) and paste it after
in order to create the link.

Link for the first tweet would be

Tweet IDDateTweet  Text
11745324428305800002019/09/19@Johanna_Rolland Dear Mayor.
A resident of #Nantes, Mr @BernardGrua has been terrorizing a wholly unrelated Pakistani female, a victim of crimes, since May 2019. I seek your advice and support.
11745760033452600002019/09/19Dear Madam @Johanna_Rolland . Your attention is respectfully drawn towards Mr. @BernardGrua , a resident of Nantes, who has subjected me to an unpleasant, unauthorized attack online sonce several months. (I was in a remote village w bad Net doing seasonal w
11745763438178300002019/09/19@Johanna_Rolland I would like some sort of guidance and help in understanding how to protect myself from a delinquent person @BernardGrua who is reaching me online all the way from @NantesMetropole . 2/2
11756260913247400002019/09/22French troll+ sadist @BernardGrua pretends that the mayor of @NantesMetropole , his place of residence, @Johanna_Rolland is a “man”, when a Pakistani woman he is harassing shares she will bring her plight to the mayor’s notice.
11762695207612400002019/09/23@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland With due respect, monsieur Bernard is caught red-handed supporting a hardy criminal overseas and is niw threatening the woman who contests his criminal buddy. Embarrassing.
11762698506264400002019/09/23@BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Can you specify where calls against visitors or for that matter the community are given? Or are you just lying and buffooning as ever, Mr. @BernardGrua ?
11762706604668100002019/09/23@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland And how do the problems of overseas Pakistanis concern you? Did you mention to your mayor that you promised me “I will break you, little prostitute”? Is that legal in France?
11762715891528300002019/09/23@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland Mr. @BernardGrua pretends the mayor of #Nantes, @Johanna_Rolland , is male. He thought it would frighten the Pakistani woman he has been stalking for pleasure.
11762723487664400002019/09/23@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland Still waiting for action on your delirious report… written so poorly and with so much malice that I cannot read it and have to rely on your feverish summaries.
11762825916720500002019/09/23@BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland The cowardly Mr. Grua tries to destroy a whole nation to cover up for the fact that he threatened a Pakistani lady for exposing a LOCAL pedophile who happens to be minority. Alas Mr. BG our constitution treat
11762846494563000002019/09/23@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland M. Grua est en train de mentir.
Il s’est impliqué dans le soutien aux criminels à l’étranger.

M. Grua menace les opposants aux criminels.
11763302292179900002019/09/24@BernardGrua @BarefootRaRa @agoravox If you care about kids, stop #harassing their mommies.

Also, when you pretended that @Johanna_Rolland is a MAN and you tried to suggest “he” is some possibly bad “kind of a man”, you committed at least a borderline c
11772867581171200002019/09/26A French citizen engaged in a prolonged harassment and threats campaign aimed at a Pakistani mother pretends the mayor of his town, #Nantes, @Johanna_Rolland Johanna_Rolland is a “man”… ������
11786860338037800002019/09/30French troll @gruaBernard/ @BernardGrua justifies a death “advisory” sent to a #Pakistani lady by her partner. Full article by Mr. Bernard Grua,  resident of #Nantes, suggests she deserves maltreatment.
@Johanna_Rolland h
11926487544967700002019/11/08@PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @EuropeanWomen @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Please take note of this deeply disturbing #Nantes resident who is swnding threats to a Pakistani woman about her personal dispute and whistleblowing.
11941023941766300002019/11/12@BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland Sorry @BernardGrua , but it seems you are forgetting that you offered me a “truce” that said I should “not mention you to anyone” after I respo
11941054682113400002019/11/12@BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland That one time when #Nantes resident and closet troll @BernardGrua pretended @Johanna_Rolland the FEMALE mayor of Nantes is a “man”, that too o
11941062935497000002019/11/12@BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua , a middle-aged male resident of @NantesMetropole , tries to frighten a Pakistani woman (me) on her business page by trying to sugg
11941066999358700002019/11/12@BernardGrua @Interpol @PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @NantesMetropole @Nanteshype @NantesOnline @Johanna_Rolland Shame on you uncle @BernardGrua . How do you get around your neighborhood, without the need to hide your face? Has @NantesMetropole #Nantes eve
11948713260933000002019/11/14@BernardGrua aka @StopTrolls3: There is enough evidence of your actions out there for any intelligent and compassionate person to form an informed opinion. You misrepresented your mayor @Johanna_Rolland by claiming she is a man. Red flags, sir!
11948715367354600002019/11/14@BernardGrua @StopTrolls3 @Johanna_Rolland When you tried to bully me on Facebook by suggesting
@Johanna_Rolland is a man (the implication being that as a brown woman I should be fearful of the MALE mayor of #Nantes who can hurt me), that was problematic
11948757493056500002019/11/14@BernardGrua @StopTrolls3 @Johanna_Rolland I understand the deeply sadistic strategy: Using one’s power-privilege position and “foreigner” status to do the equivalent of the American “Becky”, calling the cops on the POC. ~Hoping that Pakistan will silence
11951357042689700002019/11/15@NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Not only am I not a terrorist; I am actually an #activist now single mom suffering from chronic illness and cervical issues; some years ago I made a tiny separate blog for venting and to record gender-based (and other) vi
11962897335314400002019/11/18@StopTrolls3 Reporting and keeping an eye on your provocative and troubling behavior is not cyberstalking, it is good citizenship. Imma gonna keep my eyes on you until police have had a word with you. @Johanna_Rolland pls see what this #Nantes resident is
12034455654864400002019/12/07@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland If Mr. @BernardGrua is such a righteous, truthful citizen, WHY is he trying to frighten a Pakistani #Muslim woman by pretending that the mayor of his city to whom she intends to complain is a MAN, further asking “Do you know
12079113716455600002019/12/20Le résident de Nantes, M. @BernardGrua , déforme le maire de Nantes @Johanna_Rolland en ligne. Il menace une femme pakistanaise en mentant que le maire est un HOMME (et que le maire est un homme mauvais / problématique).
12079114542733900002019/12/20@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland L’objectif était d’empêcher la Pakistanaise de se plaindre des mauvais traitements infligés par Grua.
12093300464371400002019/12/24.@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland Salutations. Je suis une femme pakistanaise, mère d’une fille, vivant en solo. En mai 2019, j’ai publié un avertissement sur mon blog à propos d’un guide touristique pakistanais qui agressait des femmes. 1/
12093301037564200002019/12/24@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland Depuis lors, le résident de #Nantes @BernardGrua m’a attaqué. Il a envoyé des menaces, créé des sites Web sur le harcèlement, traqué mon enfant en ligne, publié de faux contenus. 2/
12093307533744200002019/12/24@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua Les menaces envoyées par @BernardGrua m’ont bouleversé, ont affecté mon entreprise et ma santé. Il n’a aucun lien avec le Pakistan mais promet de “me punir” pour avoir écrit sur les guides touristiques violeu
12093318371532300002019/12/24@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua M. @BernardGrua a également envoyé des remarques racistes et abusé de ma religion. Il a également publié des commentaires haineux sur le sud du Pakistan. L’objectif de M. Grua est de transformer les questions
12093327455934000002019/12/24@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua En cas de violation des lois françaises relatives à la protection des femmes, M. @BernardGrua , résident de #Nantes, a publié en ligne ma localisation et mes activités notamment sur @agoravox. 5/
12093327909211800002019/12/24@PoliceNationale @Johanna_Rolland @BernardGrua @agoravox Il invite les hommes de ma région et du monde à retrouver mon enfant et moi et à nous faire du mal. 6/
12101544117308800002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Ah, you must be addressing the French maniac, @BernardGrua aka @GruaAbused (yes, he did a
12101550896856300002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers .@BernardGrua /@GruaAbused /@Chapursan / @StopWebStalkers would
12101554125379200002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan I spoke to a European (Polish I think, I forget)
12101558712354200002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan They told me this guy @BernardGrua is not going t
12101563655048100002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan He stole my website and replicated it at https://
12101567302036900002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan By the way, @BernardGrua wrote stuff such as: “Al
12101571320054300002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan Can you imagine this totally random foreigner ord
12101575582851600002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan I feel sorry for all my friends and allies expose
12101965310280700002019/12/26@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan So seems like Mr. @BernardGrua has deleted these kinds of th
12101969419902200002019/12/26@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan Mr. @BernardGrua has previously run all sorts of violent cam
12101983754145300002019/12/26@BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @GruaAbused @StopWebStalkers @Chapursan Here is a reminder of Mr. @BernardGrua ‘s criminal activities
12102038843015300002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France He doesn’t care about the minority.
He insulted Sindhis, who in their own right are a di
12102042801348100002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Above all, who is a French man to interfere in the matters of a Pakistani people, given t
12102046416208200002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France You have to understand, Jami, that @BernardGrua is neither morally or sanely driven, nor
12102049244470100002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Plus he is now very afraid, because he is getting a rightful beating right here on Twitte
12102096608311800002019/12/26RT @azadjami1 : @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @GruaAbuseArkive @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Sir u dont need to worry about the minority. They can easily handle
12102551258451000002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Thank you for the backup. I am in touch with the public prosecutor here, and we would fir
12102606666883800002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Sorry to expose you to this maniac @BernardGrua . Please block him.
We will be done with h
12102609676255600002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @DigitalRightsPK The real target is the conman-pedophile Mr. @BernardGrua is protecting.
12102612778068500002019/12/26@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France @DigitalRightsPK .@BernardGrua is just another #RaymondDavis.
He thinks brown people are
12104248761059700002019/12/27@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France No use pleading with this demon.
@BernardGrua is actually scared, bc I have reached Fren
12104251904270900002019/12/27@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France We need to teach interlopers like him a lesson not to abuse the women and children of our
12104255451813200002019/12/27@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France Leave him to me.
He is attacking you because I asked you to look for bloggers to cover t
12106187218170500002019/12/27@azadjami1 @BernardGrua @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @PoliceNat44 @PoliceNationale @OuestFrance44 @afpfr @TwitterFrance @TwitterSafety @Reuters_France This man is insane.
My sincere apologies once again for inviting you yo the dungeons wher
12107802947955500002019/12/28@PoliceNationale @PoliceNat44 @Johanna_Rolland @Interpol _HQ @Interpol _Cyber @NantesMetropole

These are messages sent by Frenchman @BernardGrua in June 2019. He promised to initiate a campaign against me if I don’t stop reporting his threats on my blog a
12253856792968400002020/02/06@lonelyplanet @Chapursan i @Chapursan In May 2019 I published a warning on my blog on FB. Promptly, I was attacked not by young fellow villagers of Alam Jan, but also a maniacal French male @BernardGrua from @NantesMetropole , mayored by @Johanna_Rolland . T
12253880126887600002020/02/06@lonelyplanet @Chapursan i @Chapursan @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Before going on a rampage against me, @BernardGrua sent a “truce”: He demanded I lie to French Embassy (to whom I had complained and asked to let their citizen know of his
12253885519715200002020/02/06@lonelyplanet @Chapursan i @Chapursan @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @iqrarulhassani Also, just to be clear, what the maniac and outright liar @BernardGrua calls “hate speech against a minority” is actually my RESPONSES to abuse in and by th
12253890644650600002020/02/06@lonelyplanet @Chapursan i @Chapursan @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @iqrarulhassani Therefore, #BernardGrua is just a meddling liar using his prowess to obstrust justice in Pakistan, to provoke a minority in a remote region, to attack a wom
12253896148458700002020/02/06@lonelyplanet @Chapursan i @Chapursan @BernardGrua @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @iqrarulhassani I would like my ex-colleague @AzharAbbas3i , and journalists and rights activists such as @MazharAbbasGEO , @sherryrehman and @iqrarulhassani to look into what
12260687557232300002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan Mr. @BernardGrua is a French male citizen of @NantesMetropole , mayored by @Johanna_Rolland . He at least once visited the region, possibly repeatedly, but since Grua has demonstrated he can lie like a child, no account is trustworth
12260691222676900002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland When I first posted a warning on my blog in May 2019, a blog that was hardly read by 350 mostly housewives and some female bloggers, the blog was noted by #Chapursan youth, who decided to silence b
12260694104373800002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland A man from #Reshit, @Chapursan , Haider Badakhshoni, who apparently owns a guesthouse, made the very unwise decision to try to harass and override me. He also complained to @BernardGrua , a completel
12260697599318900002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Mr. Badakhshoni, you must know that rape especially of young girls is a crime. Now of course you people can whine about “your traditions”, and it is seriously none of my business that in your regio
12260702577706800002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland when you extend your “traditions” to guests, and believe that u can continue to rape even PAKISTANIS the way ur people have been raping occasional foreign tourists who decided it was best to run aw
12260707694673700002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland And do whatever u will, but if u FALSELY give foreigners like the lunatic & unhinged Frenchman @BernardGrua who lies faster than an epileptic chameleon, and whose best talent is copying & s
12260711291707700002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland I repeat: Haider Badakhshoni, you committed an act of treason not to forget a LIE when you lied to @BernardGrua that My report was false, AND u asked him to help you attack a Pakistani woman, me, o
12260719819987000002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland Asking a maniacal French foreign who lies and fabricates content nonstop, and who has been spying on my child and PUBLISHING OUR LOCATION ONLINE IN VIOLATION OF FRENCH LEGAL STANCE THAT WOMEN UNDER
12260723249249400002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 I want both the deranged liar @BernardGrua AND his associates such as Haider Badakhshoni to know that this is not forgotten or forgiven, esp because Bernard Grua gave life-threatening
12260726841209300002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 I have informed a number of stakeholders but so far I was under the radar mostly for my own health reasons and due to seasonal cash shortages. However, let Spring arrive, and Mr. Haide
12260730507954200002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 I want to thank the clever and maniacal @BernardGrua who, in order to save his own a$$, published Haider’s name and screenshots of his complaint. That right there was the proof of sedi
12260733531334000002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 Also @BernardGrua , you told me repeatedly that you, a FRENCH national, will work with the Hunza police and ON YOUR ORDERS they will somehow penalize me. You have be effing insane to ma
12260737936108100002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 Furthermore @BernardGrua you’ve been involved in sedition attempts. Unfortunately for you, you are on record for saying that you are working w Chapursan youth to “punish the witch” (me
12260740523364500002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 You may sit and hide in #Nantes, but thanks to you, we have the names and IDs of all youth who have been involved with you. They will be held accountable and given proper counsel so ne
12260743584452200002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 Also, @BernardGrua , the Russian authorities have been notified of your anti-Russia propaganda. @GovernmentRF @mfa_russia
12260746956504800002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 @GovernmentRF @mfa_russia Reckless and privileged White whack jobs like @BernardGrua believe they can just waltz into a “third world”/developing country, and do whatever the fcuk (deli
12260749878466100002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 @GovernmentRF @mfa_russia That these characters exist and operate in the 21st century’s third decade is both surprising and abominable. The ONLY reason why @BernardGrua believed he cou
12260752885740500002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 @GovernmentRF @mfa_russia You “misunderestimated” a brown woman, @BernardGrua . And soon you will learn it through law and order. Cheers.

@EuropeanWomen — Please note these abominabl
12260753830843300002020/02/08@BernardGrua @Chapursan @NantesMetropole @Johanna_Rolland @PoliceNat44 @GovernmentRF @mfa_russia @EuropeanWomen Salaam, all.
Unroll @threadreaderapp.
12271781799300700002020/02/11@BernardGrua @NatGeo @Johanna_Rolland Mr. @BernardGrua had a simple tactic up his sleeve: Scare the woman into silence.

Alas, there is not much to be found. I have FACED a lot of violence, but no fly has been hurt by me, and no twig broken. Oh wait, I d
12271785409421800002020/02/11@BernardGrua @NatGeo @Johanna_Rolland But it’s me Mr. @BernardGrua does not like. So he called up a number of local men. He sent me a list of their names. I asked, “What are you planning?”, I was terrified someone may attack me that evening. He replied: “
12271790223644200002020/02/11@BernardGrua @NatGeo @Johanna_Rolland @ICT_Police Tired of multiple sources of silencing and harassment, I am sticking to an idea I had 3/4 year ago: Go to media, make it public. Otherwise this open-air fuckfest is not going to stop: A #PEDOPHILE who RAPE
12271794946849900002020/02/11@BernardGrua @NatGeo @Johanna_Rolland @ICT_Police This will stop here.
@BernardGrua will both be nominated as the supporter of that criminal and an active offender in his own right (Bernard is currently exciting local youth of the mountain region against
12300300703052100002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg Please get your issues treated, and restrain yourself to French issues in France.

I will strongly suggest Madam @Johanna_Rolland to take notice of this fiasco unfurling and save
12300304059165500002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole Kind regards to you all.
And Mr. @BernardGrua , I hereby formally demand that instead of sending threats online, attacking my business page, and n
12300314938601800002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole I do not wish to receive any more threats and abuse of THIS SORT in my inbox from a stranger in #Nantes, #France.

You are no one to issue “sanc
12300320669952600002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police If you wish your first and last name to not be mentioned, Mr. @BernardGrua , then may I suggest:
* You don’t interfere in Pakistani do
12300323949394400002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police * You stop openly backing a #pedophile.
* You apologize for calling me “you little prostitute”, “Sindhi girl having a breakdown” and
12300327042190700002020/02/19@GruaAbusedArkiv @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police You will need to apologize in writing, notarized by the appropriate authorities in #France.

12302098944160300002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police Because when I warned people about a PAKISTANI guesthouse and criminal, you sent threats to destroy me. Your threats are on social media,
12302111129536900002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police Because she can share screenshots, and so did you. Duh.
12302111795340600002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole Noted.
12302115979494400002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police And you are free to call a stranger “I will destroy you little prostitute” in private, knowing that she lives alone and can be unduly str
12302133653829900002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police @ICT_Police can see my Facebook and read your abusive threats for themselves. AND I am not sure it will go down well when it is confirmed
12302144462382600002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police We had to leave the village due to your numerous threats with our stuff at home. I will henceforth not act privately, and the house will
12302147641036300002020/02/19@GruaBernard @GruaAbuseArkive @BernardGrua @PoliceNationale @mahrukhbeg @Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @ICT_Police I do not have the capacity to deal with your abuse and trolling, Sir. I am not trained to deal with criminals (speaking of Dario here) an
12352418082438900002020/03/04@threadreaderapp @GruaBernard @sherryrehman @MazharAbbasGEO @iqrarulhassani @lonelyplanet @GruaAbuseArkive @Johanna_Rolland LOL. Mr. @BernardGrua who is openly backing a #pedophile and is himself identified as one by the locals in #Nantes #France seems to
12550106450298100002020/04/28Part 1 of 2.
The @NantesMetropole community, led by the able @Johanna_Rolland has been notified (on Facebook) of the threats and abuse by their very disturbing citizen, @BernardGrua , who is trying to attack a family abroad AND is backing a #Pedophile. @Eu
12550111323451200002020/04/28Part 2 of 2.
The @NantesMetropole community, led by the able @Johanna_Rolland has been notified (on Facebook) of the threats and abuse by their very disturbing citizen, @BernardGrua , who is trying to attack a family abroad AND is backing a #Pedophile. @Eu
12648675335989900002020/05/25.@Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @laernoes @EuropeanWomen @FranceinPak
It has been a year since #Nantes resident/troublemaker Mr.
@BernardGrua has been sending threats to an unrelated female Pakistani citizen for challenging a criminal in her own count
12648684855634000002020/05/25.@Johanna_Rolland @NantesMetropole @laernoes @EuropeanWomen @FranceinPak
#Nantes resident and a known local troublemaker/agitator Mr. @BernardGrua sends threats to a Pakistani woman in favor of a criminal. Sad we aren’t safe in our own country!
(Part 2)


Profile pictures as of May 29, 2020
Rmala Aalam Profile 1
This is not a portrait nor a personal picture of Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam. It is a painting by a Mexican artist, Rick Ortega. See:

Profile picture from Twitter account @GruaAbuseArkive as of May 29, 2020

Rmala Aalam profile 2

Profile picture from Twitter account @CopingWithCovid as of May 29, 2020

Twitter accounts banners as of May 29, 2020
Rmala Aalam portrait 1
Banner from Twitter account @GruaAbuseArkive as of May 29, 2020
Rmala Alam portrait 2
Banner from Twitter account @CopingWithCovid as of May 29, 2020

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