NEXT> by Ramla, expertise review, practice versus theory

“NEXT> by Ramla” was an independent consulting firm belonging to a young Karachi university graduate, Ms Ramla Akhtar (naming herself, nowadays, Rmala Aalam). Here, we will review three presentations made by “NEXT> by Ramla” regarding people social management for business, development of local communities and new Social Media advantages for these challenges. We will quote Ms Akhtar’s presentations according to the Creative Commons status their author granted to her papers. Then, we will expose what were the weaknesses of these models and why their author faced disillusions or incompatibility issues in trying to implement them for herself. “NEXT> by Ramla” never got any professional assignement. In 2015 it was re-packaged as Ramla’s Projects before being renamed under Rmala’s Projects.

The People-Centered Model of Business ™ – By Ramla Akhtar

This article was written in 2006 by a young student, Ms Ramla Akhtar (nowadays calling herself « Rmala Aalam »). It is reproduced under the creative common policy. Credit is given to the author.

Akhtar migrated from Karachi to the mountains of northern Pakistan in 2013, where she lives since. In May 2019, she entered into an open religious and ethnic confrontation with the minority among whom she lives. Then, 14 years after its writing, this article becomes an important document to understand the basis for a radical shift in this unusual character…
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Review of « Social Entrepreneurship: How Business Can Change Communities – By Ramla Akhtar »

This is an interesting text written, in 2008, by Ramla Akhtar (today calling herself Rmala Aalam) a young urban lady, 28 years old at this time, from Pakistani lowlands. This is rather descriptive with not so much added value. However, what says this young professional about herself worth to be known, especially in connection with her current experience in remote communities of Hunza. This person has an amazingly complex personality.Then, it is difficult to understand if she was projecting herself in what she wrote or if it was just a paper with some trendy issues. Nevertheless, it was of interest, in 2020, to learn what this person became after 12 years of disillusions and, sometimes, very harsh conflicts with communities, neighbors, family or (former) friends…
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Analysis of « Wake Up on Social Media by Ramla Akhtar »

This presentation, « Wake up to Social Media », published in 2008 by Ms Ramla Akhtar is a very interesting one. Not that it is a technology contribution or the result of breaking through researches. It is a vision of a time close from us. However, it is already a vision from a remote past. It is a personal vision of a young educated female user, 28 years old, from a specific country, Pakistan, and from a specific social environment. It tells a lot about its author and the corresponding population segment, which can also be found in other parts of the world.
If we try to summarize this 2008 paper, we may consider that social media emergence (though already quite extended in 2007/2008) was seen as a revolution, at least in Pakistan. At the very time this paper was written, some basic statements were wrong. Not that they are massively inaccurate on a technology point of view. Actually, the low technology dimension of the paper does not open the door to numerous contradictions.
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“On Wr***- Express** Y** S**”

Ramla Akhtar picture
“On Writ***” of Ramla Akhtar

In 2012, Ramla Akhtar produced a collection of conversations to teach people how to write. These lessons are proposed for purchase on wellknown platform. There is no doubt Ms Akhtar is talented in writing fictions about herself. For other topics, as evidenced above, her “expertise” and assessments are supported by no substance and no technical skills. Her production is, then, useless if not misleading.

Moreover, her writing is spoiled by:
– large usage of slang words,
– massive plagiarism,
criminal harassment and calumnious denunciations,
forgery and use of forger,
conspiracy theories.

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