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How Ramla Akhtar’s stalking Social Media model collapsed?

Ramla Akhtar's Social Media model-dismantled
A little bit more than ten years ago, Ms Ramla Akhtar was a naive inexperienced “global citizen” providing services, under her own consultancy firm,”NEXT>byRamla”. She introduced herself as a specialist in numerous spheres, including the Social Media one. She is today a radicalized cyber-criminal stalking, defaming, fueling xenophobia, spreading calumnious denunciations and hate speech against a minority and its foreign visitors. However, her campaign crashes against realities and against defenses she is not able to address. Four articles are exposing how wrong postulates and lack of updated expertise proved to be devastating for her malicious endeavor, for her personality and for her mental balance.

Analysis of « Wake Up on Social Media by Ramla Akhtar »

This presentation, « Wake up to Social Media », published in 2008 by Ms Ramla Akhtar is a very interesting one. Not that it is a technology contribution or the result of breaking through researches. It is a vision of a time close from us. However, it is already a vision from a remote past. It is a personal vision of a young educated female user, 28 years old, from a specific country, Pakistan, and from a specific social environment. It tells a lot about its author and the corresponding population segment, which can also be found in other parts of the world.
If we try to summarize this 2008 paper, we may consider that social media emergence (though already quite extended in 2007/2008) was seen as a revolution, at least in Pakistan. At the very time this paper was written, some basic statements were wrong. Not that they are massively inaccurate on a technology point of view. Actually, the low technology dimension of the paper does not open the door to numerous contradictions.
What is more appealing is, here, the « philosophical » vision of the information, where reality, fact checking, rationalization and substantiation are ignored to be replaced by emotion and non-evidenced allegations, creating an alternative reality thanks to the social media power… Read more about Akhtar’s Social Media model

How a heavy Social Media campaign based on Ms Ramla Akhtar’s model missed its goals & had painful counter-effects?

In 2008, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, a young graduated female from South Pakistan introduced her expertise on a public presentation « Wake Up on Social Media». There, she explained her strategy, while proposing consulting services from her “NEXT>by Ramla” consulting firm. Twelve years after, Ms Ramla Akhtar had the opportunity to implement, for herself, her Social Media strategy in the context of a crisis she is facing with a mountain minority. It did not work. The congenital defects of her theoretical model were not amended. Meanwhile, no update was brought to an already aged strategy, despite the fast technology and practices evolution.
Before presenting the results of Ms Ramla Akhtar‘s campaign we need get some mandatory background. In 2013, Ms Akhtar, at the age of 33, wanted to start a new life. She migrated from the southern lowlands of Pakistan to the remote region of Northern Pakistan. She decided to be called Rmala Aalam (sometimes Rmala al’Aalam or Rmala d’Aalam). She opened a herbal shop called “BetterBonds by Ramla”, in Gulmit, Hunza. Unable to adapt to the high mountain conditions, being an actual stranger in the middle of the local population, the ethnic and religious differences led to the radicalization of, once, a global citizen
Read more about how Ms Akhtar Social Media model operational failure.

How is it possible to have your numerical reputation 100% under control, even facing the most disturbing web attacks?

Over last year, I was under rabid attacks coming from a radicalized female cybercriminal of Pakistan, Ms Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Alam. Thousands of posts have been published against me on Facebook and Twitter using anonymous or impersonating profiles. Facebook has been extremely poorly cooperative. Twitter moderation was inefficient, when not supporting, de facto, these criminal activities. National and local police, Interpol, Nantes (my city) Mayor and Municipality, addressees of endless calumnious denunciations, never answered any of my requests in contradiction with the obligations they have according to French law. French justice and lawyers could not sanction a stalker acting from an international judicial loop-hole. Pakistani authorities did nothing.
Then, I had to manage the issue by myself. I should, however, mention the professional, friendly and fast moderators of Medium, a great platform for sharing stories.
First of all, it should be mentioned that my name+first name [Bernard Grua] is a unique expression on the web. I am not protected by any barrier made by publications with a high SEO (Search Engine Optimization), totally stuffing SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). 
Read more about how Ramla Akhtar’s rabid stalking crashed against the numerical fortres…

Twitter carousel makes bullies working for you on Twitter & on Google search engine

Having a rabid anonymous psychopath running after you on Twitter might look uncomfortable. Yes it is, at least at the beginning. But there is a very positive side, undiscovered until now, that should be estimated at its proper value. Stalkers, bullies and other web cankers are working for you. They can open a powerful and unexpected window in your favor. That’s the evidence I got recently. Let me explain you how it works.
SERP is the Search Engine Result page. Here we will talk about Google page results for a search under a name or a brand.
Chris Silver Smith on « Search Engine Land » in « Here’s how to use Twitter to dominate the Google search results » says:
« Whether you are working to try to displace negative content or trying to better engineer your online brand identity and proactively manage your reputation, Twitter is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. »
Read more about how the thousands of Ramla Akhtar stalking tweets are ignored by Google which favorites the few ones of her victim.

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A little bit more than ten years ago, Ms Ramla Akhtar was a naive inexperienced "global citizen" providing services, under her own consultancy firm,"NEXT>byRamla". She introduced herself as a specialist in numerous spheres, including the Social Media one.
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