Ramla Akhtar: stories of a stalker abusing mountain communities & their foreign guests, in Hunza, Pakistan

Stories of Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, the cybercriminal abusing mountain communities and their foreign guests, in Hunza, Pakistan
These are stories of a toxic social media user, from Pakistani lowlands who wants to promote distress and hatred in the Upper Hunza Valley. This malicious stalker abuses mountain ethnic and religious minorities and, merciless, attacks foreign visitors.

Update: full record of Ramla Akhtar Twitter bullying as of May 2020 Ms Rmala Aalam’s Twitter accounts, key figures as of 2020/05/29

Links to the stories are provided below in their order of appearance in the slideshow.

First, let’s understand how this urban person, from a wealthy family, with a British education, got radicalized.
How a radicalized speech was launched for persecutions against a Pakistani minority?

Then, we should examine how she is damaging the reputation of the hospitable, educated and friendly local people from Pakistan high mountains.
Kind regards from Pakistan

A large documentation about this mephitic case and the mental dereliction of its author is collected in this anthology.
Hunza : the Black Mountain Dragon anthology

Through a deep analysis, it was proved that the sexual conspiracy theory produced by the stalker against the Wakhi communities and their foreign guests is a malevolent staging. A detailed report has been sent to the Pakistani and French authorities.
Report of a French traveler about the Chapursan Valley, Pakistan

Religion has been abused for enhancing sectarian fanatism.
How Chapursan Valley legends and religious traditions have been diverted for a personal questionable tale

Spontaneous testimonies have been received about child maltreatment by the stalker.
Pakistani testimonies about child abuses in Hussaini, Gojal

Thanks to forgery and use of forgery, the stalker built an impersonated website to deprive a mountain family of its means of life.
Pamir Serai, a website, under forgery, use of forgery, defamation, stalking and impersonation attacks by a cybercriminal

The stalker acts behind a herbal shop cover where she tried to take advantage of COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to illegal medicine practise.
Pakistan: COVID-19, the new Coronavirus, and charlatanism

The stalker asked for the support of the French far-right party, founded by Nazis, to attack one of her victims. This was a blatant demonstration for her fake activism posture.
How a self-called anti white-supremacist, anti-colonialist and Metoo Pakistani activist unveils her mask in favor of French neo-fascist far-right?

She deliberately decided to hide the public available information in order to build fake news for sub-contracting violence, including at the highest criminal level, in her retaliation and revenge quest.
What Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam expects from far-right support & how is it connected with geopolitics?

The stalker uses a stolen identity and different accounts for her bullying under Twitter. She violated Twitter rules numerous times. She had some of her Tweets removed and had one of her accounts suspended.
How @BarefootRara publicly proved to be the same Twitter user than the suspended @GruaAbuseArkive?

To lure an urban audience, she pretends being victim of rumors, she creates by herself.
Who dares saying Rmala Aalam, aka Ramla Akhtar, is a terrorist?

The arkives of her full time criminal activities on Twitter are amazingly plethoric.
Twitter: records of a cyberstalker

She messes with foreign states, teases racist & anti-Muslim factions, calls for the law of Lynch.
Teachings for Ramla

These criminal activities are under a complaint to the Public Prosecutor.
Submission of a complaint to the Public Prosecutor against Ramla Akhtar, the cyberstalker

While rejecting a formal notice and exploiting an international judicial loophole, the criminal is now under reciprocity sanctions. All options are considered.
Formal Demand Notice to a cyber Identity Thief and Stalker

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