Ramla Akhtar: how her radicalized speech was launched for persecutions against a Pakistani minority?

Radicalised amla Akhtar, Aka Rmala Aalam calls for weapons
This paper is a re-publication “Pakistan: extremism as a consequence of retardation or as a modernity crisis?” This article of September 2019 was shared on Agoravox, a French news website enjoying a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and a large number of readers: Pakistan, l’extrémisme comme conséquence de l’arriération ou comme crise de la modernité ?

Although, twenty years ago, the deadly Trade Center attack evidenced the inclusion of a high level of technology, this warning has been largely underestimated. Islamist fanatism and terrorism are generally associated with underdevelopment, ignorance and male dominance. However, there are some clues education and social progress will not be enough to protect us from this threat. Here is the example of a Female Pakistani, Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, showing an original path which evidences another side of such a hybrid war.

Ramla Akhtar a global citizen with a western way of life and a British education

A 2010 Youtube video shows some trendy considerations which, regardless the Urdu accent, could have been told in UK, in the USA or in Australia. It is of interest to learn who is the person making the presentation and what she became almost ten years after.

In 2010, Ms. Ramla Akhtar, a Pakistani southern urban lady, with a Sunni confession, with a western life style, with a wealthy background and with a British education, called herself a “Goblal Citizen” and presented her profile as a “Social Designer”, a “Communicator” being a “Humanitarian Futurist”, having “Arts & media sector”,” social enterprise”, and an “equitable future”, as areas of specialization.

A video of Ms. Ramla Akhtar at a time she wanted to be part of a global world and used a western rhetoric

Rmala Aalam, the path to radicalisation

Since 2013, this woman has renamed herself into Rmala Aalam and has entered into a radicalisation process. On her personal Facebook page and on her “mystical” Facebook blog page “Black Mountain, Dragon Soul – a Wounded Mystic Spins Her Yarn, her speech became nationalist with a xenophobia orientation against European and American foreigners. She calls them “white-supremacists” and “colonialists.” Obsessed, according to her own words, with her “brown skin”, she handles hate speeches against Wakhi people, a peaceful ethnic (Persian origin) and religious minority (Imailian Shia confession) living in the Karakoram range bordering the north of the country. Her recent call, dating September 16, 2019, for arming against these communities created a strong regional emotion. It has been communicated to the Pakistan Ministry of Interior and to local medias.

When Ms. Ramla Akhtar called for an armed confrontation against Wakhi people

It follows a detailed alarming analysis of June 13, 2019, which was sent to Pakistani authorities: Report of a French traveler about a domestic hate speech against the Wakhi minority of Chapursan Valley and its male international guests – credibility assessment of an alleged sexual conspiracy against local women and foreign female visitors – concerns about an emerging external extremism”. 

Alarm sent to Pakistani autorities

Fanatism behind hijacked modern causes 

Strangely and ironically, Ms Ramla Akhtar , aka Rmla Aalam, reports a rumor saying she is a terrorist. It is one of the conspiracy theories she became familiar with. See the article: “Who dares saying Rmala Aalam, aka Ramla Akhtar, is a terrorist?” Her approach is original not only because she is a woman but also because she instrumentalises modern feminism, fight against Central-Asia patriarchy, environment concern, development considerations, religious preaches, single mother condition and non-discrimination revendications.

Those hijacked causes, though a confusing mix, are the perfect smoke screen for paving the way for discord, interethnic conflicts and fanatism. They prevent any rational questioning.

It is too early to get a final view of this work in progress and how wide it will spread. The case, however, requires a strong attention and should be closely followed up. European countries should get the propers tools for identifying such profiles when they apply for an entrance visa in our countries or, who knows, for an asylum request.

Update of April 2020, the weaponization of Twitter

Since september 2019, Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, entered into a frenetic stalking mode on Twitter. She uses two Twitter User ID’ s, the N° 3287184386 and the N° 142457898. The names change regularly to escape Twitter moderation. They are currently (April 2020) @GruaAbuseArkive & @CopingWithCOVID.

Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, criminal records of cyberstalking on Twitter
Records of Ms. Ramla Akhtar cybercriminality on Twitter

This amazing cybercriminality on Twitter is a too large case to be developed here. It is documented thanks to numerous articles accessible via this list: Twitter: records of a cyberstalker.

Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, lives for confrontation. Her most common attacks are usually paedophilia. In that sense she uses a classical alt-right artifice. To support her hatred campaign she went until asking for the support of “Rassemblement National”, the French far right party. See: How a self-called anti white-supremacist, anti-colonialist and Metoo Pakistani activist unveils her mask in favor of French neo-fascist far-right?and What Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam expects from far-right support & how is it connected with geopolitics?. As of today, the French racist and xenophobic party did not pay any attention to a radicalized ranting Pakistani female. See: Teachings for Ramla”

Ramla Akhtar Rmala Alam Raidcalised cybercriminal
Twitter post of April 19, 2020 – A cybercriminal opposing, once again, pedophilia allegations to facts

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