Pamir Serai guesthouses, a numerical fortress in progress

In a previous article, we saw how the cybercriminal Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, impersonated a Wakhi family guesthouses “website”. Less than 24 hours after, we get first results of the debunking.
In a previous article, we saw how the cybercriminal Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, impersonated, by forgery and use of forgery, a Wakhi family guesthouses “website. Less than 24 hours after, the debunking brought its first results.

Google image search shows how the stalker, Ms. Ramla Akhtar, is already losing the floor.

As presented on the below capture, less than 24 hours after the article publication, Ramla Akhtar‘s impersonating and identity theft Pamir Serai “website” is just showing one image (red dot). Meanwhile, the counter-fire produced eight images (green dots). They lead to the recent article. This has a triple consequence:

  1. Ms. Ramla Akhtar defamation propaganda has very few chances going through, while it is absolutely isolated.
  2. The eight images conduct the reader to the debunking of Ms. Ramla Akhtar’s calumnies.
  3. After months of rabid stalking, the cybercriminal still did not understand she creates, by herself, the material to ruin the remaining few reputation she had. She is more and more abhorred in Hunza Valley, where she lives. Her international image on the global web is a disaster as shows any search on her different aliases. All of this is because Ms. Ramla Akhtar acts as a bully with no method. She is just focusing on the volume of her attacks and abusively relying on what she thoughtlessly posted on May 9, 2019 : “…his bad luck… this one last time he chose to mess with a Sufi (BG note: highly questionable allegation of this kafir blasphemer) Pakistani writer with a background in journalism. Fate turned the tables on him… though it has taken us years”. This is a suicidal blindness: “Quos vult perdere Jupiter dementat”.

Ms. Ramla Akhtar, aka Rmala Aalam, is going deeper and deeper in a dead-end way or something even worse. She should better stop her sordid game before it is too late. She must understand her cybercrimes will never be unpunished. Each of her attacks will back-fire.

Pamir Serai SERP as of April 5, 2020 – 04:40 PM

How a numercial fortress will be completed?

Mechanical effects

The preliminary results of a very short period of time are shown above. Subsequently, Gogle search engine will visit extra social media linking to the article about Ms. Ramla Akhtar’s forgery and use of forgery. It will enhance its results. More explanation can be given privately. There is no need to give to a cybercriminal the expertise she does not have. Let’s say that in a few days we will launch another Google search to mesure the performance of these mechanical effects.

A work in progress

To completely bury Ms. Ramla Akhtar malevolence, a new website is being designed for Pamir Serai. This time, it is not built on an urgent manner. No forgery will be able to get its orignal content being removed. Moreover, SEO best practices will be used to maximize its prophylactic effect.

Meanwhile, some specific actions are undertaken on Twitter. They will not be publicly explained, but they can be presented in private conversations.

Once completed, the numerical fortress will make impossible for any cybercriminal to have its new production visible on top of Google search results under Pamir Serai.

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Author: Bernard Grua
On Twitter: @BernardGrua & @GruaAbusedAcct

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